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Food Hero Mimi Kozma Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

Food Hero Mimi Kozma, who prepares dishes suitable for children with various types of disabilities, has launched an IndieGoGo campaign in order to raise funds for the second season of her show.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2015 -- Food Hero Mimi Kozma is a special education teacher, mother and wife in addition to being a master home chef and radio personality.  Her "Food Hero" persona came about when she was growing up with a younger sister who struggled with extreme learning disabilities.  As Mimi watched her parents work to find solutions and support, she learned that "the challenges faced by a family of a child with special needs, be it medical, educational and/or psychological is complex, often misunderstood and unquestionably underappreciated."  Now, Food Hero Mimi Kozma is helping families who may also struggle with these same issues through her work with food.

After receiving her degree in Special Education, she used her love of cooking, fresh ingredients and the food industry to create Food Hero Mimi Kozma.  Her show is currently aired on America's Talk Radio.  Now, she has a new goal:  "I want to travel America to tell those unique stories, surprise those families with a tremendous meal and top it off with a reveal of something completely unexpected."

Season 2 of Food Hero Mimi Kozma will focus on families with children who have special needs.  In each episode, Mimi Kozma will be asked to meet the challenge and create a delicious meal for the family while still considering the needs of the child.  For more information, see her website at

Her IndieGoGo campaign, located on the web at, includes pledge levels from $10 to $25,000 and includes prizes from t-shirts and full wrap-around logo placement when appearing on the show.  For more information on the available pledge levels and specific prizes associated with each, visit the IndieGoGo page.

About Food Hero Mimi Kozma
Food Hero Mimi Kozma is a radio personality who prepares meals for families with children who have special needs.  Herself a Special Education teacher, Kozma understands the particular needs of these children and helps these families enjoy nutritious food.  Now, she has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund her second season's shows.

Contact Person:  Mimi Kozma
Company: Bang Productions
Address: New York City USA
Phone: 973-533-8772