Launches Newly Redesigned Website with Huge Range of New Content

PawnNerd has redesigned their website from the ground up to provide the best possible resource center for insider information on the pawn industry, with new updates posted regularly.


Avon Lake, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2015 -- Pawning items is sometimes seen as the last recourse of those down on their luck, but the pawn industry is not a pity party – it takes in some seven billion dollars in revenue a year, and has been seeing a boom since the economic downturn began, forcing more people to be more resourceful with their belongings. This boom has attracted an increased curiosity about how pawn shops work, and PawnNerd is a website dedicated to creating transparency within the industry. They have recently redesigned their website and published a huge range of new material to satisfy their increased audience.

The new information includes general and frequently asked questions like how do pawn shops work, what kind of items can be bought and sold at a pawn shop, information on the difference between a pawn shop and a pawn broker, how to use a pawn shop to get the best deal as well as detail on precious metals trading at a pawn shop. They even answer how does check cashing work in detail to ensure people have all the information they need to determine if a pawn shop is useful to them.

The new design is fully responsive and content oriented, with latest and most popular posts prioritized as well as multiple categories so individuals can streamline the content when searching for a specific issue.

A spokesperson for PawnNerd explained, "The site has been completely redesigned to offer a superior service to our users, who are increasing in number every day. The resources we provide are there to help support the reputable pawn industry, and helps people avoid scams while getting the best deal on their items. We also shed light on lesser known pawn shop facilities that help people understand how these stores can be the heart of a community looking to get back on its feet."

About PawnNerd
PawnNerd was started in 2013 as the pet project of a pawn shop manager in Cleveland, Ohio. Since then it has grown to be one of the largest sites on the internet about the pawn industry providing regular information about how this otherwise secretive business really works. The site has been reinvigorated and now posts new content daily.

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