LITEBI 3: the Evolution of Cloud Computing Business Intelligence


Valencia, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2011 -- LITEBI leads the new generation of Business Intelligence with its new cloud computing platform, LITEBI 3, which offers advanced analytics, reporting, data integration, alerts, dashboards and balanced scorecards for companies of any size or industry through its SaaS model.

LITEBI 3 presents itself as a software platform to serve decision-makers, managers and people who have to provide business solutions in companies of different types and industries, in order to provide a dynamic analysis of information and an objective knowledge in those challenges and decisions they are facing.

The new generation of Cloud Computing Business Intelligence or in the cloud continues to deepen in the agile approach, powerful and affordable that LITEBI gives to the traditionally complex and expensive world of Business Intelligence. Some key features are:

- A new balanced scorecard module, LiteSCORECARD, which allows you to define and monitor the company’s strategy and detect possible deviations following the Balanced Scorecard methodology.

- A new Web / AJAX user interface, user-friendly and agile, accessible from any web browser or modern operating system.

- Platform 100% SaaS / Cloud Computing: Requires no investment in facilities or licenses or hardware, pay only for what you use and can be accessed from anywhere and device connected to internet.

- Full-featured Business Intelligence suite: From the definition of a devoted space with its AgileDataWarehouse technology, or loading data from any data source to the analysis and business control tools oriented towards the final user.

- Last generation Multitenant Architecture. One unique instance for the LITEBI software on a server and to serve multiple customers, with devoted spaces for each user within a SaaS / Cloud Computing architecture.

- New type of graphic radar: Available in the LiteEXPLORER module, which extends the options of data visualization.

- Constant evolution and transparent to the customer. No need for migration between versions or performing maintenance.

The new version of the Business Intelligence platform has followed the philosophy that governs LITEBI since its founding, as said by Javier Gimenez, Business Development Manager.

"We transform traditional Business Intelligence so that our clients revolutionize the management of their business and so it suits the specific needs of each enterprise and each department or business unit within the company, to be more accessible, flexible and so the user can have a better experience thanks to its friendly interface and new features within our philosophy of constant evolution and transparency”

LITEBI is leading the next generation of Business Intelligence with its Cloud Computing platform. It offers advanced analytics, dashboards, data integration, alarms, and scorecards for companies of any size or industry, through a pay-as-you-go model. LITEBI is an easy, powerful and affordable BI solution.