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New Technology Capable of Massive Anti-Corruption Screening for Mexico


El Paso, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2012 -- The RRA Center, developer of the world's first automated system to evaluate human trust and risk factors, stated its technology can quickly and accurately screen Mexico's hundreds-of-thousands of police for indicators of corruption and other criminal activities. Since the technology is scalable and easily deployed, anti-corruption screening for 100% of Mexico's police and security force members could be completed in as little as two years.

Commander Ivan Ortega of the RRA Center stated "Unfortunately a small group of mid-level bureaucrats within the Mexican Federal Government made the decision to rely upon ineffective polygraph machines to screen all police officers in Mexico. This was done over the objections of several of Mexico's free and sovereign states. It is well documented that a number of Mexico's states fought to use more advanced technologies to detect corruption and criminal activities by their police and security forces. Regrettably, the federal bureaucrats who direct all 'confidence control' activities in Mexico prohibited Mexico's sovereign states from using the more advanced technologies. Now, five years later, corruption by government officials within Mexico is worse than ever."

"When this decision was made, these bureaucrats were aware of multiple research studies which concluded the polygraph was not capable of massively, rapidly or accurately screening individuals for risk factors, including such basic factors as deception. Today's polygraph is nothing more than a digitized version of outmoded 1950's technology, and it is ill-suited to meet the security challenges Mexico faces in the 21st Century. The requirement to use polygraph, which was made by a group of nameless and faceless bureaucrats, has resulted in devastating consequences for the Mexican people. These bureaucrats are largely responsible for the lack of progress in eliminating corruption within the ranks of Mexico's police and security forces during the past five years. Mexico's failure with the polygraph should be a lesson to other nations faced with similar challenges."

"One well-known scientific analysis of polygraph is the 2003 report by the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS), which concluded polygraphs are incapable of accurately screening for loyalty and trustworthiness. This is because of the high error rate of polygraph, and the fact polygraph has a little-discussed result called 'Inconclusive.' 'Inconclusive' in the field of detecting deception is simply a term meaning 'I don't know.' RRA has no Inconclusive results. In my opinion such ambiguous results should be unacceptable to the leaders of Mexico, especially those leaders in charge of public safety and security, since 'Inconclusive' polygraph results allow corruption to continue and perhaps even flourish. Such unreliable results are one of the reasons the NAS described polygraph as a pseudoscience."

Commander Ortega stated the goal of Remote Risk Assessment (RRA) is to evaluate trust and risk factors of individuals who may be susceptible to corruption, criminal activity or other behaviors that adversely impact upon suitability, loyalty or trustworthiness. "RRA can conduct thousands of trust and risk assessment interviews per day, which makes it ideal for screening 100% of the police and security forces in Mexico. And, unlike the old-fashioned polygraph, RRA is a 21st Century technology that can be applied to Mexico's anti-corruption operations today."

Learn more about The RRA Center by watching a video about the RRA process or listening to an actual RRA interview. For further details, Commander Ivan Ortega can be contacted directly at 915-443-7722 or by email at ivanortega@rrasolutions.com.