Risen Offers the Finest Quality White Spelt Flour Packed with Fibre, Minerals and Protein


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2022 -- Risen, an innovative flour brand in the UK, offers the finest quality white spelt flour that is packed with fibre, minerals, and protein. Risen's white spelt flour is milled from Austrian spelt in a high-tech manufacturing facility that meets all food and safety regulations. It is light and airy, lending distinctive nutty flavours and light sweetness to baked goods. Spelt flour also has a high composition of unsaturated fatty acids. Risen's white spelt flour has a high protein content of rich amino acid spectrum.

Risen's white spelt flour is a wonderfully unique flour which is easy to work with and can be used for both bread baking and cakes. It can be considerably easier to digest than other types of flour due to its molecular structure. Risen's white spelt flour is perfect for a range of low-rising foods such as pastry cases, pizza bases, biscuits and pancakes and it makes a great addition to bread and cake recipes for more nutritious results. To ensure that the flour retains its original flavour, the company uses FSC-certified carbon neutral paper that is printed with vegetable ink.

When talking about their white spelt flour, a representative for the company stated, "It's a type of wheat flour that encompasses the entire grain. If you're a fan of whole wheat flour then spelt is your hero because it's undoubtedly the easiest of all the flours in this category to work with. If you've tried wheat flour before that wasn't spelt, and not had particularly spectacular results from it, then don't be deterred. Spelt - also known as 'ancient wheat' – is one of the oldest cultivated grains in the world and is considered one of the ancestors of modern wheat."

Risen is one of the most prestigious bread flour brands in the UK. They offer different types of flours ideal for making bread, cakes and pastries. Their manufacturing process is mechanised and requires little to no human intervention. Risen adheres to stringent quality standards to ensure quality of its flours. In addition, they offer flours in different packaging options to meet the wide needs of its clients.

About Risen
Risen Flour is made with 100% quality grain, harvested from the best grain regions of Austria and milled in a 100% C02 neutral mill. It retains the character of wheat and its natural nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, ideal for preparing the fresh dough. Risen flour is high in gluten, richer in fibre and offers more digestibility than other types of flour. It packs in all the goodness of the grain and gives a real wheat flavour.

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