ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE: Offering Top Foreign Exchange Programs to High School Students

ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE, a foreign exchange program coordinated by Rotary International, provides information on how to apply for their student exchange program, which comes with lots of benefits for participating high school students.


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/23/2021 -- ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE is a program created, sponsored, and managed by Rotary International to enable interested and qualified high school students to experience a different educational system, learn how to live with people of different cultures, have fun, and also serve as ambassadors for their countries. The Rotarians who coordinate the programs are an association of individuals from diverse backgrounds that include professionals, businesses, and community leaders who provide philanthropic services to create peace and goodwill around the world. Some of these services include: promoting peace, fighting diseases, supporting education, and protecting the environment. 

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE commented, "Our exchange program is completely administered by members of the Rotary club, and this has kept the cost of the program low. The whole essence of this is to ensure that students from low-income families can participate. However, there are certain costs parents of intending participants will bear when their children are successful in the application process. These include but are not limited to: round trip airfare, travel documents, travel insurance, language camp, an emergency fund for unexpected expenses".

ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE offers high school students the opportunity to experience the kind of life and setting that accompanies studying abroad as a foreign student. The requirements for their student exchange program include: participants must be between the ages of 15-19 as at the time of going for the program, both participants and their parents must be interviewed in person, they must pass medical and dental health exams, and also submit their high school transcript, which must show an above-average performance. This process ideally begins almost a year before departure, and it usually starts in September. Those who want to apply for student exchange program can contact them via their website.

The spokesperson of Rotary Youth Exchange further commented, "We work hard to create and maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all participants in Rotary programs. This has made us reinforce the statement of conduct with additional policies that set the safety of participants of the program as our main priority".

ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE has short-term summer abroad exchange programs for those who are interested in adventure but, do not want to spend a whole year abroad. It is open to students between the age range of 15-19 years, and the program takes place when schools are on holiday. To know more about high school summer foreign exchange programs, people interested can visit the ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE website for more information.

ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE is a set of programs that is coordinated by Rotary International for high school students. One of their major programs is the long-term exchange program which is for those who have just graduated from high school. Those who are qualified for this program are required to attend high school full-time in their assigned foreign country, as it is a compulsory part of the cultural immersion. To know more about this international high school program, students can visit their website. 

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