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Diet Doc Announces New Clinical Strength Saffron to Help Ease Muscle Pain After Exercise

Diet Doc offers clinical strength saffron supplements for dieters and bodybuilders alike, a powerful plant based supplement now shown to help alleviate post workout muscle pain.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2015 -- A new study recently published in the March 2015 volume of the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine revealed an interesting link between saffron supplements and post workout muscle pains, or more specifically "delayed onset muscle soreness", which often occurs after exercise. The study revealed that saffron, a powerful anti-inflammatory, significantly decreased post workout muscle soreness. In fact, the study concluded that "In the saffron group, there was no decline in maximum isometric and isotonic forces after eccentric exercise, but a significant decline in the isometric force was observed in the control group. No pain was reported in the saffron group, whereas the indomethacin group experienced pain before 72 hours". What this means in layman's terms is that those using saffron supplements experienced no decline in their ability to exercise or experience any post workout muscle pain, whereas the group not taking saffron supplements experienced both in normal amounts.

A popular spice produced from the flower of the Crocus Sativus, saffron supplements contain a beneficial compound called carotenoids, already associated with preventing cancer and heart disease. These carotenoids have now been found to also have anti-inflammatory properties as well, which is why they can prevent post workout muscle pain. Saffron supplements have not only been found to help prevent post workout muscle pain, but they do so even better than NSAIDs (Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) taken three times daily. The study reports that those taking NSAIDs reported less post workout muscle pain than those taking a placebo, while the group receiving the saffron supplements actually reported zero post workout muscle pain.

Whether patients are looking to control appetite, generally begin living a healthier lifestyle and prevent cancer or heart disease, or simply looking to eliminate post workout muscle pain, Diet Doc has the answer. New Diet Doc clinical strength saffron supplements are available to those in need in the highest concentration, after a brief but essential doctor consultation. During this consultation, a Diet Doc doctor will explore patient health history, as well as metabolic and other physical factors before making a determination as to whether saffron supplements are right for the patient. All consultations take place either over the telephone or via video conferencing like Skype, allowing for faster service, more convenient consultation, and costs a fraction of a walk-in doctor's office or clinic.

Since saffron supplements are extremely diverse, they can also help control between-meal cravings for dieters, allowing them to adhere to weight loss plans longer, ultimately producing better diet results. Diet Doc also offers saffron supplements for this group; those looking to lose 20 pounds or more with a Diet Doc medically supervised weight loss plan. Research has also revealed that saffron extract can help to decrease the appetite and increase satisfaction of food that is consumed, while decreasing stress hormones, such as cortisol, which works to slow the patient's ability to lose weight fast.

Interested parties can contact Diet Doc today at 888-934-4451, or by email at for more information on new powerful saffron supplements. After a virtual visit with one of the company's expert weight loss doctors, patients will have access to the most potent saffron supplements available, all compounded in a United States based FDA approved pharmacy.

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