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Screw 95 Reviewed - The Truth About This Affiliate Training Program


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2014 -- This comprehensive review of the Screw 95 training program demonstrates that not only does Jay Wessman understand the subject of affiliate marketing very well, but that he also generates a full-time income from all of his online marketing efforts. In addition to this the training provided within the Screw 95 program is also very different to the usual run-of-the-mill training affiliate marketers have been providing for well over a decade now, with a focus on social networking as much as anything else.

Neal Rourke went on record to share the following with us, "Jay is one of the few guys in the affiliate marketing and SEO scene who actually has anything new or interesting to say. What's even better is that the stuff he covers in his training course actually works - I've used it to double the traffic on at least one of my own sites in the online dating niche. It's just a shame that more people aren't listening to what Jay is teaching and profiting from it as a result."

The Screw 95 training program is made up of several different modules covering everything from figuring out which niche market is best, through setting up a new affiliate website, dominating social networking platforms, dominating the search engines and learning how to monetize niche websites in several different ways. There's also a private forum included, so that members can share ideas and tactics.

Neal Rourke also added the following, "There's something to learn from this course no matter what your current level in affiliate marketing is - from newbie all the way up to experienced marketer. To be honest Jay really opened my eyes to the SEO benefits of specific social networking platforms which I'd been ignoring for years."

Anyone looking to get direct access to the Screw 95 training can do so on the official website here

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