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SEO in a Nutshell for Small Businesses

Most small business owners may find it hard to figure out how to make search engine optimization (SEO) work for their business. SEO is also deemed to be a daunting task for these individuals.


Suwanee, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2014 -- The term “search engine optimization” alone is too overwhelming and enough to make their head spin.

In reality, SEO is not that complicated. There are actually ways to simplify it and still have the same opportunities to attract customers and execute and understand the whole concept like an SEO expert.

In a nutshell, what is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the term used for the process optimizing or tweaking a website and its contents in an attempt to positively affect the site’s visibility in organic (non paid) search listings and raise the site’s ranking in search engine results page.

Does SEO even matter to small businesses?

If properly executed, it can embody an ongoing and at-times plentiful source of free traffic to the site. As compared to Paid Search [also known as Pay Per Click (PPC)], clicks from organic or natural listings do not charge a single penny.

Common SEO misconception that business owners should know:

The thought that SEO is too complicated is the most prominent misconception, the fact that it doesn’t have to and shouldn’t be. Most of the time, business owners fear it, thinking that the “science of SEO” is too much of a full time job. At some point doing SEO may take a fraction of one’s time, especially the coding part but often times, chances are this less likely requires assistance and too much time. But at its core, good SEO functionally consists more of delivering pertinent and significant content to an audience that is searching for a product or a service that one offers and delivers.

Common SEO flaw that small business owners should be aware of:

The usual flaw or mistakes committed in an attempt to rank a site is writing contents that are stuffed with targeted keywords with the overt purpose of ranking for those key terms. Search engine is not a simple system that one can manipulate the results page by simply stuffing a site or a blog post with targeted keywords; in fact, this can actually do more harm than good.

Has SEO changed over the past few years? If so, what are these changes and how do they affect small businesses?

Absolutely. As search engine algorithms have evolved with the man’s searches, suddenly SEO is not all about keywords and backlinks and far more about exact match searches to content that is substantial. Actually, over-optimization is generally considered a mark against your site now. Equally, try to encourage sharing of the site’s content in social media channels and establish engagement to its targeted audience– the validation from this, acts as an increasing signal to search engines that the site’s content is relevant and authoritative.

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