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SerTop's Oldest Brand Splits Into Two Separate Websites - Custom on It & Suddora


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- SerTop, a company not shy to taking risks, recently made a substantial investment in splitting into two separate eCommerce websites. “ just had a major branding issue, with two different customer bases we were successful but we had no idea who to cater to more or which way to grow. We were limited,” said Paul Serra, SerTop’s co-founder. “But with Suddora we can cater to our boutique athletic customers and with Custom On It we can cater to our promotional / branding type customers, giving them both the best experience possible.”

Although both Paul Serra and Adam Topping, the founders and owners of SerTop, knew the change had to happen since around 2011, the actual decision came in a spark in front of SerTop HQ in early June. Exhausted of not being able to grow they both decided, enough is enough and the team wanted the change too. “Time to step it up a notch and we are definitely going to have our hands full,” co-founder Adam Topping Said about the changes. Suddora mainly carries Sweatbands – wrist sweatbands, head sweatbands, arm sweatbands and other unique sports accessories. Custom On It carries many customizable promotional products such as custom sweatbands, custom silicone wristbands and more.

About SerTop
SerTop, founded in 2007, owns and operates the online properties Custom On It, Suddora and Touch Tonic. The company’s mission is to “Give people the best experience possible, one they will talk about for the rest of their life.” This is exactly what SerTop does every day with their websites.

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