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S.H. Industrial Needs Offers Quality Backed Swivel Eye Bolts in India


Chennai, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2020 -- S.H Industrial Needs is home to a wide range of industrial consumables that have been professionally sourced by seasoned specialists and offered under a single roof for the local market in India. S.H Industrial Needs has since its establishment in the year 1987 been all about offering to industries in India access to top-notch maintenance, repair, and overhaul products. The specialization in this niche area has seen the supplier rise to become a strategic partner for clients looking for value-based solutions. S.H Industrial Needs has achieved this by making procurement less hectic for their clients by offering top-quality machines and accessories from leading manufacturers locally at competitive prices.

"We are a reputable supplier of swivel eye bolts in India, stocking and distributing heavy-duty swivel hoist rings sourced from Europe," commented the company spokesperson. "These rings are designed to lift heavy loads, ranging from 0.07 to 125 tons, which need to be turned or flipped. With a maximum swivel range of 360°, GRADUP rings can support the entire load in all mounting positions. Every ring has its traceability code for accurate tracking and is marked with a WLL."

Those looking for Gedore Torque tools online can also expect great prices, friendly service, and proper warranties with S.H. Industrial Needs. These tools find applications in areas like wind energy, heavy engineering, quality control, assembly work, electrical hardware & instrument-making, and production-line assembling.

"The main reason why most industries opt for the more complicated and demanding process of sourcing goods from international suppliers is the need for quality-guaranteed products," commented the company spokesperson. "As a company run by specialists who have handled lots of MRO contracts, we have adopted one of the most comprehensive quality policies. As such, any product that we stock has to meet the highest standards expected for the industry, and there is never room for accepting or selling substandard products."

S.H. Industrial Needs is a customer-oriented enterprise, doing everything required for the happiness and satisfaction of customers. Take, for example, the cost-effective solutions provided by this company, which fully comply with customer requirements. SHIN keeps itself updated regarding the recent industry changes and customer demands and strives to enhance and improve its offerings accordingly. The entire team of S.H. Industrial Needs ensures that customer needs are met precisely and on time every time. With such a massive product range, SHIN successfully caters to the diverse requirements of different industries.

About S.H. Industrial Needs
S.H. Industrial Needs is a renowned and reputed provider of all kinds of maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) products. Two things that make S.H. Industrial Needs reliable are the high-quality and competitive prices of the products it distributes. The other attractive features of this company include its vast product catalogue and the ability to fulfill customer requirement in the minimum time possible