Shane Miller Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for His Upcoming Short Film 'Happy Hallucinations'

Shane Miller is looking to raise $6,000 for the making of his short film ‘Happy Hallucinations.’ The film is about a novelist who attempts to break his writer's block by hallucinating his characters.


Westlake Village, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2015 -- Shane Miller is the writer, director, and producer of an upcoming short film titled 'Happy Hallucinations.' The film's story revolves around a novelist, Justin, who tries to break through his writer's block by the hallucination of his characters. Under a tight deadline, he almost manages to complete the outlining process. However, he fails to develop his main character, Maddie. The remaining part of the film is about how Justin deals with the challenge of creating an excellent female lead while going insane.

At present, Shane runs his own YouTube channel called Bomb Diggity. Most of the cast and crew of the short film will come from this YouTube channel. This crew has created many short films in the past. Shane has also made a feature film that premiered at the Tupelo Film Festival and received accolades for writing and story.

Shane has recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the making of 'Happy Hallucinations.' Depending on his requirements, Shane has created different flexible funding goals as follows

- The initial goal of $3,000 is the bare minimum necessity to make the film. All funds raised will go to equipment rentals, festival submissions, hiring a gaffer and boom operator, fulfilling the rewards, and Indiegogo fees.

- With a funding of $4,000, the team will be able to hire a sound designer, composer, and color correctionist.

- A funding goal of $6,000 will help them rent out a special prop house to make the film look more authentic.

- Goal of $8000 for renting a nice camera along with some fancy dollies and sliders to go with it.

- If they manage to raise $10,000, there will be special lighting, fog machines, and another hand on set.

- Happy Hallucinations will be developed into a feature film provided they achieve a funding of $25,000.

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About Shane Miller
Shane Miller is a 2014 UCLA graduate with a major in Economics and a minor in Film. He has festival credits for his feature film, Seekers, a project he produced, wrote, directed, cast, and funded at only nineteen years old. Shane has worked under industry legends Robert Evans and Steve Zallian, who together have award winning credits such as Chinatown and Schindler's List. Shane's other film credits include the short films Slash Slash Bang and The Murdered Man.