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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2022 -- The latest publication titled Shared Mobility – Thematic Research has been added to GlobalData Plc report store. The report examines several factors driving the adoption of shared mobility among consumers and major automakers. Sharing mobility not only reduces the environmental cost of getting around but also benefits users through the communal interactions it facilitates. The common trends influencing the shared mobility industry positively are the desire for personal connectivity or interconnections, the need to counter the environmentally detrimental aspects of mass consumerism, and the evolution of changing ideas of ownership.

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The rising adoption of autonomous vehicles has also propelled the shared mobility market growth. Fully autonomous vehicles would allow companies like Uber and Lyft to build sustainable and profitable businesses from the vast user bases they've built by eliminating the fixed cost of the driver. Furthermore, autonomous vehicles lend themselves to shared applications because their greater purchase cost compared to a conventional vehicle is more easily absorbed by a large, shared mobility company than an individual buyer. In addition, a fully autonomous vehicle is wasted if it is left in a car park all day while its user sits in their office – it is more effective for that vehicle to provide mobility for a range of users throughout the day with little-to-no downtime.

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Shared Mobility Industry Trends

The main trends shaping the shared mobility theme over the next 12 to 24 months are shown below. The report classifies these trends into three categories: technology trends, macroeconomic trends, and regulatory trends.

Technology Trends
- Proliferation of electrified pedestrian vehicles
- Sharing economy
- Autonomous vehicles
- Electric vehicles
- Internet of Things

Macroeconomic Trends
- Chip shortage
- COVID-19
- M&A
- Connected car
- Urbanization

Regulatory Trends
- CO2 and fuel economy
- Chinese regulation
- Industry reckoning over driver employment status

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Sharing Mobility Value Chain Insights

Value is generated in the sharing economy on several levels. While there are many similarities to the methods by which value is generated between the four main modes of shared mobility – ride-hailing, car sharing, carpooling, and micro-mobility – there are subtle differences that reflect the nuances of each approach.

- On-demand car-hailing
- Shared ride-hail
- Premium vehicle hailing

Car sharing
- Free-floating networks
- Hub-based networks
- Peer-to-peer

- On-demand pooling networks
- Business carpooling
- Car clubs

Micro mobility
- E-bike networks
- E-scooter networks
- Electric skateboards
- Non-electric bikes

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Top Shared Mobility Industry Players

GlobalData highlights publicly listed and private companies that are making their mark within the shared mobility theme and summarizes their competitive position in this thematic study.

- Baidu (China)
- Bandwagon Taxishare (US)
- Bird (US)
- BiTaksi (Turkey)
- BlaBlaCar (France)
- Cruise Automation (US)
- Didi Chuxing (China)
- EVCARD (China)
- Free Now (previously Hailo and myTaxi) (Germany)
- Gett (Israel)
- Gojek (Indonesia)
- Grab (Singapore)
- HopSkipDrive (US)
- Lime (US)
- Lyft (US)
- Ola (India)
- Share Now (previously Car2go and DriveNow) (Germany)
- Turo (US)
- Uber (US)
- Waymo (US)
- Yandex (Russia)
- ZipCar (US)
- Zoox (US)

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