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Now Featuring Insertion Gas Flow Meters Suitable for Measuring the Flow Rate of Various Kinds of Gases


Jinhu, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2020 -- Silver Automation Instruments, the pioneers in industrial process instrumentations are pleased to feature the latest insertion gas flow meter which is suitable for measuring the flow rate of a variety of gases. A flow meter ideally measures the amount of liquid or gas flowing through a pipeline. The meter also determines the velocity of the fluid or gas and the cross-sectional area of the pipe. In the gas flow meter category, there are around 6 to 8 flow measuring instruments. The composition of the gas plays a very important role in measuring the accuracy of the device.

There are two sensors in any flow meter. One is heated prior to allow the gas to flow and the other sensor is maintained at a normal temperature. When the gas flows through the meter, both the sensors do their job in order to create thermal dispersion; wherein the flow meter calculates the mass instead of the volume of the gas. Also known as convection, the thermal mass gas flow meter measures the flow by detecting the temperature. Silver Instruments offers a wide range of Insertion Thermal Flow Rate Meters for various industrial applications.

The sensors play a crucial role in these meters and they contribute to accurate measurement. The best thing about sensors is that they are not moving parts and have an unobstructed flow path. Once these flow meters are installed, no alteration needs to be made whether it is with pressure or temperature. They guarantee high accuracy levels and hence are great for all kinds of small, medium and large sized pipes. As mentioned earlier, insertion thermal gas flow meters measure the mass rather than the volume of the gas. That is why they are considered more reliable when it comes to measuring the density, pressure and viscosity. Silver Instruments offers the following:

Insertion Type Thermal Mass Flow Sensor – Typically suits larger pipelines or ducts gas or air flow measurement. Users can easily install or remove the mounting.

Insertion Air Flow Meter – This meter can detect compressed air flow rate in a closed pipeline or duct.

Insertion Vortex Flow Meter – Also used for large pipelines over 10 inches, this flow meter too can be installed and removed without shutting down the system.

Flare Gas Flow Meter – This thermal dispersion flow meter is a direct mass flow metering instrument especially used for flare gas flow measurement. This meter is durable, reliable and accurate.

Gas Flow Meters – These electronic gas flow meters come with a digital display which show instant results with regards to current flow and total flow.

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