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Skills in Demand for Next Generation of Procurement Professionals


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2022 -- Two key factors are having a big influence on the nature of procurement jobs going forward: automation in the sector and the increasing prevalence of hybrid working structures. This is changing the way that those who are looking to get ahead in procurement jobs need to approach career development. For example, soft skills are becoming increasingly key in this industry, with the emphasis on being able to demonstrate empathy, an understanding of what customers want and where sector trends are going - as well as being business savvy. Being comfortable with technology is also vital and an area where most young professionals are much more at ease with. Automation is affecting many different areas of procurement jobs, from analytics and distribution to supplier payments and inventory management. It's vital for individuals working in this industry to understand how that will impact an enterprise, and their role within it.

Procurement jobs is just one area of expertise where DSJ Global is able to help talented people keen to ensure they have the right skill set to make progress in an exciting career. The team also has extensive expertise in areas such as supply chain, logistics and technical operations too. The firm has a long history working with a broad range of candidates and companies in this sector. This has included helping many different enterprises in resilient workforce building, from innovative start-ups to global megabrands. The team at DSJ Global has a wealth of resources to help with this, including a database of more than a million mid-to-senior professionals. A network of contacts with hiring managers at organizations across the globe also ensures that the firm has become a go-to for the next generation of procurement professionals. Thanks to a combination of permanent, contract and multi-hire solutions, the team can design hiring options for any hiring need.

From New York, to Chicago, Boston and Dallas to Charlotte, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the reach that DSJ Global has established in America is broad. The firm is nationally prominent when it comes to procurement jobs in the USA and this has been key to building its practice Stateside. The team in America is also part of a worldwide workforce that numbers more than 1,000, adding a vital international element to the service that DSJ Global is able to provide. Plus, the firm is the recruitment partner of choice to hundreds of world-leading companies as part of the Phaidon International group, which operates across 6 countries. Being able to consistently deliver insightful, specialist recruitment support during the pandemic has been vital for the firm to nurture its ongoing relationships. This has been virtually guaranteed by the investments DSJ Global makes in its own team - consultants are trained on an ongoing basis and work with best-in-class recruitment technology and strategy. As well as procurement jobs there are many different roles available via the firm today, including Supply Chain Warehouse Manager, CI Manager and Strategic Purchaser.

Emily Prendergast, Executive Director at DSJ Global, shares that, "global supply chains have made headlines around the world, as teams have worked to address the shortages faced in many industries. The role of procurement and supply chain professionals will be critical in solving these challenges, and the demand for this talent continues to grow across every sector from consumer goods and pharmaceuticals to energy, technology, and more."

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