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Snap-on Baseboard System Draws Attention from Leaders in Industrial Supply Industry with Their Innovative Solution to Messy Wiring Systems

Made Rite’s Snap-on Baseboards are an Affordable and Easy to Use Answer for Covering Wiring in any Environment – from Small Homes to Enormous Buildings


Kaneohe, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2016 -- Whether it's at home or in the office, everyone can relate to the irritation felt in dealing with confusing, entangled cables and wires and the aesthetic displease they cause. Which cable goes to the monitor? If I unplug this, will everything turn off? Why does blue wiring have to run along the edge of my living room wall for all my guests to see? These are all questions Made Rite's Span-on Baseboards can finally put to rest.

Affordable and super simple to install, Snap-on Baseboards are the future of dealing with every last kind of electrical line whether it be for a business' local network setup or at home for a television, internet, or stereo system. Perhaps it's just a beautiful old antique lamp whose cord unfortunately sticks out like a sore thumb. Regardless of whether it's a corporation or humble home, Snap-on Baseboards are a perfect solution.

There are two ways to use the Snap-on Baseboard System depending on one's wiring needs. The most basic system only requires stapling the wiring to the wall and then snapping the baseboards over the wiring. Another method is to cut and remove 2-3/4" of drywall near the floor thus leaving an open cavity with access to the inside of the walls to run or add wiring and outlets for electric or networking.

From covering Romex, Cat 5, telephone, security, and surround sound wiring, the Snap-on Baseboard System has been used by contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners alike and is only gaining popularity. Most recently, WESCO Distribution – a leader in industrial supply with an extensive offering of electrical, data communications, general maintenance, repair, and operating (MRO) and electrical OEM products – has taken strong interest in the baseboard system and is in communication with Made-rite Owner Zane Watson.

"Having a company like WESCO express the desire to carry your product is exciting and truly a testament to the quality, affordability and effectiveness of the Snap-on System," shared Made Rite Owner Zane Watson. "We have been diligently marketing this product, seen its incredible usefulness in action and only want to get the word out to companies and homeowners alike so that they can start saving time, money, and the headaches that come along with running wiring for networking and all other cable and cord uses."

With hopes to move beyond patents and manufacturing into heavier distribution and offering installation services, Made Rite has the potential to change the game for residential and commercial buildings alike when it comes to wiring solutions. contains valuable information regarding Snap-on's abilities in solving cable and cord issues as well as its other everyday functions.

About Made Rite
Made Rite introduces Snap-on Baseboards – the patented snap-on baseboard system. This two-part system creates a covered channel behind the outer baseboard profile that clips to the wall-attached inner profile. The baseboard can be removed and replaced at will for wall inspection, or access and updates to a variety of electrical and data cables. Snap-on Baseboards are easy to install and convenient anywhere wiring is necessary. In addition, they also aid in early termite detection and in preventing permanent flood damage to lower wall areas. Once purchased, this system will provide a lifetime of use and benefits that no other baseboard offers.