Social Security Identity Theft Protection, Basic Steps You Can Take Today


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- Everyone knows how ID theft occurs; dumpster diving, grab ‘n’ run, etc, but has anyone noticed that Social Security card and identity theft go hand-in-hand? has researched this topic extensively and would like to share what it learned, including:

- How it Happens
- Protect SSNs
- Duplicate SSNs
- How to Report Theft

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Methods of ID Theft

There are several tried-and-true techniques identity thieves employ to obtain private information. To ensure Social Security identity theft protection, pay attention to what’s happening in one’s immediate surroundings. Watch out for dumpster divers (people rummaging through the trash to get personal info,) those that commit “grab and run” crimes and steal a purse or messenger bag, and “shoulder surfers” (people peering over the shoulder to copy credit card numbers).

Safeguard the Social Security Number

If one loses his Social Security card, the person who finds it can access more personal data about him, so treat the SSN as if it were precious metal. As previously mentioned, a Social Security card and identity theft are partners; if one is misplaced, the other is likely to happen. Lock all SSNs in a floor safe at home or place them in a safe deposit box at the bank. Never tell anyone else what that number is, not even trusted family members or friends. Keep the SSN properly safe and the risk of ID theft decreases.

Identical SSNs

It sometimes happens that two people are issued identical Social Security numbers. This is not a frequent occurrence, but it does happen. If one is suspicious that another person is using one’s SSN to further his own purposes, he should implement Social Security identity theft protection, such as contacting the Social Security Administration (SSA) to alert it to the possibility that this has happened. The SSA will go over one’s earning with one to ascertain that they are correct. If they are incorrect, the SSA may refer the problem to the FTA (Federal Trade Commission).

Reporting ID Theft

When theft of one’s Social Security card and identity theft occur simultaneously, report it as soon as one realizes it. First, fill out a police report with the local constabulary. Next, fill out an Identity Theft Report with the Federal trade Commission (FTC). When pursuing the case, be sure to keep very accurate records of who one spoke to, any written messages or e-mails, and dates and time of contacts. It takes time for the FTC to close in on the ID thief; be patient and it will happen.

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