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Solavei Grows Strong in Many Busy Downtown Areas of Maryland

by People Connect People, the #1 Independent Team in MD


Silver Spring, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- This month brings another great news for People Connect People Team as it continues to grow with Solavei Mobile Service, in both customer base - local availability and team outreach.

Solavei is a social commerce platform that offers Unlimited text, talk and data mobile plan on a 4G nationwide network at $49.00 a month (plus tax). Solavei customers also have a low-cost prepaid long distance calling available around the clock to make calls to over 200 international countries.

Solavei customers not only get one of the best service available at the best price with no contract plus special family discounts, but also given the opportunity to earn the most for their money.

When it comes to reliability and coverage, these are the duo most concerned questions by mobile phone users.

Solavei is the close partner of T-Mobile and there are great changes everyday in the quality of service it is providing to the clients, their friends and families.

T-mobile has begun to roll out 4G LTE premium R10 upgrades to their cellular towers since the beginning of this year.

By the end of 2013, T-Mobile expects to have both 4G HSPA+ and 4G LTE R10 covered over 250 millions people in the U.S. There will be no 2G/EDGE to fall back on like other providers, only the latest and fastest mobile technology under the radar.

Last July 10th also marks the record of 116 markets and over 157 millions more people are now served the super fast 4G LTE for their smartphones.

The best story yet, is that Solavei members do not pay the high cost to take advantage of the new technology, it comes naturally as part of Solavei $49.00 package (full compability is subject to user's phone capability).
On the other hand, Solavei Affiliate Program takes pride in paying residual income to their own customers instead of the ad men, whereas several thousands of people - entrepreneurs, college students, stay-at-home parents, etc... - are able to make a huge financial difference for their family.

This monetary strategy makes everyone happy and it's a method that praised by many reputable testimonials who have experienced the great service from Solavei.

In the month of July 2013 - People Connect People as one of the most professional independent social teams of Solavei - has the opportunity to welcome Heko Wireless mobile phone service, owned by Mr. Kurt Ha, to join this ever fast-growing team in Maryland.

Mr. Ha is a great business owner who have successfully managed couple of his stores in the two most crowded and busiest downtown areas of Maryland : New Hampshire Ave and Georgia Ave in Silver spring.

His service have been providing the local customers an easy access to a vast option for smartphones along with an excellent mobile troubleshooting support.

Perhaps the loyal local customers will now find themselves come a lot closer to the world of Solavei, where they can save on the phone bill without losing any features and at the same time, able to earn the recurring income that's readily available at hand.

Maryland residents now are able to visit Mr. Kurt's stores and enroll in Solavei in person. Get help in person, and earning is much easier than ever as there is help just right down the street.

People Connect People Team and Heko Wireless are working closely together and will be on support for anyone's most challenging concern about Solavei. Soon people can set free from the 2-year sentence of the big providers, as well as get paid from their own mobile plan. Starting with one Trio at a time.

It's about time your phone bill pays you!

If you are also interested in joining People Connect People team or Solavei, check out the Member Benefits that are being offered !