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SoRichIam Media Seeks to Help 1 Million Millennials to Create a 2020 Millionaire Retirement Plan


Rochester, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2019 -- SoRichIam Media execs have set out on a quest to find one million millennials willing to learn how to create a millionaire plan for their lives regardless of their economic status or educational background. CEO of SoRichIam Media and former NYC Wall Street Language Instructor, LeTicia Lee, says she has discovered there are very few if any differences in teens and millennials of different economic backgrounds in their desire to envision and create a better future. They just need the right tools, persistence and faith.

SoRichIam Media is providing the right tools. They have just re-released their vintage instructional live speech, Answer-Key DVD as a video on demand through Vimeo. The class also went from one hour to thirty minutes yet, the execs say it's more meaty.

They say this generation has a healthy appetite for good content. So they've combined their career and personal finance development course into one easy class. They say the rest is up to the participants.

Who are today's participants? SoRichIam Media execs say the initial intent was to lift urban high school seniors but it turns out that people of all working ages and backgrounds are interested. Viewers learn how to discover a fulfilling career that fits them well and how to lay out a real working financial plan that can create long term passive wealth for them over time.

The execs say it's a basic formula used by multimillionaires worldwide. They expect viewers to utilize the information and build a wonderful career and real wealth from there.

SoRichIam Media execs say students and family members who form a small master mind group and meet regularly do best. They hold each other accountable. They also share what is and is not working for them and encourage one another.

Company execs say it's just unrealistic to depend on social security or a pension for one's latter years. "Most teens and millennials don't even think about the middle years, but they should," says Lee.

She further says, "We try to make it fun and easy to start. Once they see it; that's it! The knowledge lasts a lifetime. If viewers start now, they can activate their plan by January 1, 2020 and watch it grow for decades. We want to help at least one million millennials from all backgrounds get on the millionaire path or beyond by 2020 from watching this instructional video. The future is in their hands. But the time to start creating it is now."

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