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SpendLessAndSaveMore.Net Launch Coupon Code Site for Savers


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2012 -- In today’s economy, average Americans are finding their paychecks are spread thinner across the month as the cost of living rises. With a pressing need to make savings, families are turning to drastic measures that upon further investigation, could be unnecessary. Many have already turned to the internet to find coupons that can help them make big savings on their family shopping.

Spend Less & Save More is a new website dedicated to helping wives and mothers manage their household expenditure and make big savings through the use of online coupon codes. The site design is simple and easy to use, with individual coupons being posted as individual blog posts with a simple explanation of what the coupon is for and a hyperlink to where the coupons can be claimed.

While some of the coupons may seem relatively trivial, like free coffee samplers, frequent use of these tasters can amount to a significant portion of monthly intake, thereby cutting expenditure. Other more significant coupons are also available, like the ATT Uverse Coupon Codes, which can offer up to $250 dollars back on package deals.

The site sidebar features these and other big savings in its “Top Merchant Coupons” section, which features the biggest and best savings and offers available in areas as diverse as home broadband, travel, music and printing. There is even a Goddady promo code for discounts on website creation, ideal for stay-at-home moms looking to earn extra income through freelancing.

The site also features many series of articles based around creating lasting lifestyle and spending changes that can result in greater savings without making huge sacrifices to the family standard of living.

Wife and mother Shelly, who created the website, had this to say, “When my family went down to one income in January of 2009, we were forced to analyze our spending and find creative ways to cut costs. We had to learn to spend less & save more! It hasn’t been easy, but this journey is one I now embrace whole-heartedly. I have been taught be some wonderful life-lessons, been forced to look at my priorities, and been given an amazing perspective on life that I might not otherwise have had. Although I haven’t mastered it all, Spend Less and Save More is my way of passing on what I’ve learned about cutting costs and living on less.”

About Spend Less & Save More
Spend Less & Save More is a website created by former teacher, wife and mother Shelley, who is on a never-ending mission to spend less and save more, and looks to share her savings discoveries with other like-minded individuals. For more information please visit: