Joe Bragg Explains the Cancer-Fighting, Anti-Aging Properties of Spirulina


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2013 -- Modern nutritional technology has introduced all sorts of wonders to the world. Spirulina is designed to be one of those wonders. Spirulina is a unique form of blue-green algae available in the form of a tablet or powder. The algae, also known as arthrospira platensis, has been linked to a number of valuable health benefits, including cancer prevention and anti-aging.

At, visitors can learn important information about spirulina and its usage. features information about spirulina health benefits as well as a description of how spirulina affects the body. Other articles describe spirulina side effects and the scientific research behind the algae.

In short, aims to be the internet’s number one source of information about spirulina and spirulina benefits. A spokesperson for the site explains why the site chose to focus on one compound in particular:

“We chose to focus on spirulina because it’s an excellent source of nutrients, minerals, and other essential compounds. Today, more and more people are using spirulina for everything from cancer prevention to anti-aging support to bodybuilding. Spirulina can reduce bad cholesterol in the body and the natural antioxidants strengthen the immune system. The more we researched spirulina, the more amazed we were at the numerous advantages of this wonderful compound.”

Spirulina is experiencing a recent surge in popularity, but it has actually been consumed by humans and animals for centuries. Aztecs and Mesoamericans used spirulina as a food source up until the 16th century, and the algae was common throughout Southern America and Africa, which was where the algae natively grows. The first large-scale spirulina production plant was established in 1970, and since then, the algae has surged in popularity across the developed world.

Spirulina information dominates the website. However, the site also lists details of another type of algae called chlorella. Chlorella grows freely in fresh water and is rich in proteins, vitamin B12, beta carotene, iron, and chlorophyll. Chlorella is used across the world as a dietary supplement and is most commonly found in detoxification supplements. Several pages at have been devoted to explaining chlorella benefits and its usages as compared to spirulina. says that scientists have labeled spirulina as the “world’s most complete food source.” Spirulina contains protein, nutrients, essential amino acids, and more, and at, visitors can learn everything they need to know about spirulina and its usages.

About is an informational website devoted to explaining the advantages and usages of spirulina. Spirulina is a blue-green algae that was recently labeled as the world’s most complete food source. To learn more about the advantages of spirulina, please visit: