SPJ Lighting Inc.

SPJ Lighting Inc. Adds the SPJ-Alpha 12 Light to Its Product Range

SPJ Lighting Offers a Beautiful New Design for Your Home or Business


South El Monte, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- SPJ Lighting is pleased to offer the stylish and durable Alpha 12 to its ever-growing wide selection of landscape and architectural lighting. The sleek design and brilliant new lamp style put the Alpha 12 in a class all its own.

The Alpha 12 is the latest addition to SPJ Lighting’s diverse selection of directional and wall washer outdoor landscape lighting. What makes the SPJ-Alpha 12 different from any other light in this selection is that it has an LED lamp, instead of the traditional lamps offered by other models, such as the MR-16 50W Max found in the SPJ14-LS-FL. This light otherwise has many stylish features that are similar to the Alpha 12. However, the brand new Alpha 12 also features a full range of motion from any mounting position, so it can be aimed towards any object according to the customer’s needs.

To accommodate the high heat levels associated with some forms of LED landscape lighting, the lens is constructed from tempered glass and held securely with a high temperature adhesive. The work is worth it though, as an LED lamp puts the output of the Alpha-12 at 550 Lumens. As a result, this higher amount of lighting output can be accomplished with only 12 watts. The SPJ-Alpha 12 is constructed of solid brass for lasting beauty, and, according to a spokesperson for SPJ Lighting Inc., the long-lasting finish “results in a fixture that truly becomes one of a kind.”

Besides the Alpha 12, SPJ Lighting offers a wide selection or other architectural lighting solutions. These range from landscape lighting and architectural lanterns to LED recessed fixtures and even craftsman fixtures. Whether you are looking for lighting in the home or on your property outdoors, SPJ has plenty of beautiful options for your lighting needs.

About SPJ Lighting Inc.
SPJ Lighting Inc. began in 1992, and their business of architectural lighting really took off in 1998 when business founder Paul Letz decided to make the outdoor landscape lighting he sold with his own two hands. His crafted blend of reliability and beauty is recognized today as a leading design in the lighting industry. Owner and artist Paul Letz encourages his customers to “Let your imagination become a reality.”