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Filemaker Pro keeps a business connected with cross-device compatibility


San Dimas, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/15/2015 -- A chief advantage of Filemaker Pro is it allows custom software applications that can be used and accessed from any mobile device. Other software platforms either don't offer this capability to make it difficult to achieve multi-device use.

"Filemaker Pro is the base platform for custom business software. We love the fact that you can create applications and use them on a laptop, desktop, from a server, a tablet or a smartphone," said Bob Shockey, president of the Alchemy Group, a custom software company that builds on the Filemaker Pro platform.

This allows a business to be managed from anywhere that has an Internet connection by any employee with authorized access and an Internet-capable device.

"In terms of business, what this means is you can have a meeting with a customer. Take out your smartphone or tablet and upload the customer's order on the spot. He can check to make sure everything is correct right there," Shockey said. "You don't have to go back to the office, fill out paperwork and send it back and forth."

The reverse of that works equally well. Shockey said a business can meet with its vendors and place an order.

"The delivery time can be put in the system. If it doesn't show up on time, the system can flag someone to check on it. The purchase order and be filled out and sent to accounts payable on the spot," he said. "It really can simplify business."

Because Filemaker Pro is customizable, it can be very secure. Mr. Shockey said his company has a lot of experience in making its Filemaker Pro applications as tight as possible.

"We'll set the system up. But then it's up to you to control who has access to the passwords, user names and other authentication procedures," he said. "Studies show that a lot of system breaches are caused by employees. We can't stop that. Only you can."

For more information about Filemaker Pro and the apps that can be built on it, visit or call (888) 663.6382.

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