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SVangler Publishes New Buying Guides to Welcome New Enthusiasts to the World of Angling

SVangler is a well established presence in the fishing world, but has published a new series of articles aimed at helping newcomers make the right investments in their fishing equipment for lasting success.


Knoxville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- Fishing is a wonderful hybrid of sport and pass time, which has been used for centuries as a means of survival and relaxation. Fishing, like everything else in the twenty first century, has been advanced hugely by technology, to the point where the amount of equipment available might be intimidating to those who have in interest in taking up fishing. SVangler is a website that is known by all angling enthusiasts, but the site has now begun to publish a series of articles aimed at beginners, including buying guides for Sonar and Fishing Rods.

The Fish Sonar models and reviews post provides an introduction to the concept of fish sonar while also providing a guide to the best five products on the market today, following this up with a buying guide that helps people understand the reasons they should be considering before making a purchase.

The fishing rod review page is far more complex, and takes the time to introduce readers to the key principles and terminology of angling rods so that they understand what is being talked about and why it is valued. The buying guide includes information on everything from features and materials explained in plain English so newcomers can quickly become experts.

A spokesperson for SVangler explained, “In Angling, the most important thing is the technique, and there is no replacement for technique, nor any shortcut to achieving it. However, even the best technique can be let down by having the wrong equipment, and we want to make sure that that never happens to newcomers. By providing buying guides that take the anxiety around equipment off the table, we allow people to focus solely on their technique and enjoying the experience and reward of angling. The site is regularly updated with new product reviews, advice and inspiration, so newcomers can bookmark it and check back regularly for more.”

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