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Lansdale, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2019 -- One of the things homeowners prioritize above almost everything else is ensuring that they can keep their homes. Unfortunately, if financial problems strike and mortgage payments are not made, borrowers run the risk of losing their homes to the banks and getting forced out through the process of foreclosure. Foreclosure is a solution banks have to recover outstanding debt from defaulting borrowers by taking ownership of the property and auctioning it off. Fortunately, there are ways for borrowers to take action to prevent foreclosure, and it starts with Tadross Law.

For many years, Tadross Law has worked hard to become one of the Philadelphia area's top debt relief and foreclosure defense agencies. These Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys in Montgomery County, PA, are experienced in real estate and borrowing law and can help their clients circumvent foreclosure by walking them through various processes, choosing the one that works best, and working with lenders and as intermediaries between borrowers and lenders to effectively reduce payments or alter agreements for mutual benefit.

Some options include negotiations, loan modifications, and filing for bankruptcy. Borrowers who have failed to make regular mortgage payments as a result of medical expenses, layoffs, or pay cuts, can speak to their lenders to see if it is possible to work out a reduction in payment or a delayed bill. Some lenders will be willing to have the payments continue and will offer leniency. If that does not work, Tadross Law can request a loan modification and negotiate for reduced payments and interest or other changes to mortgage terms. Finally, filing for bankruptcy could provide additional time to get finances organized and work with lenders for a new payment plan.

No matter the case or the client, Tadross Law and its staff of tax attorneys in Philadelphia are prepared to get the best repayment plan available to keep lenders happy and borrowers in their homes. Learn more by visiting https://tadrosslaw.com/.

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Tadross Law was founded with the goal of helping clients across the Greater Philadelphia area with their legal needs, whether in the form of litigation or transactional issues. This law office is well-versed when it comes to IRS tax matters, general civil litigations, and transactional matters, and takes pride in offering affordable flat rates instead of billing clients by the hour. Individuals who need assistance surviving debt and financial insecurity can find refuge with Tadross Law.

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