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The Dark Flow of Jessica Bitterroot: Dark, Fantasy-Driven Novel Offers Fictional Spin on Origins of Rowling's Potter Books


Fairfield, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- While many know of Rowling’s Edinburgh coffee shop writing marathons and rejections by a dozen publishers, the in-depth story of her journey to literary legend is kept under wraps. In a powerful new fantasy fiction novel by Connecticut’s Camilla Marks, a fictional spin is put on her origins.

‘The Dark Flow of Jessica Bitterroot’, the first volume in The Dark Flow Series, tells a far-fetched yet hugely entertaining story of one woman’s burning desire to get published.


American teenager, Jessica Bitterroot, is brutally murdered in modern-day San Francisco.

When she opens her eyes she meets a man named Ambrose on the edge of burning poppy field and is given her first assignment in the afterlife, helping a down-on-her-luck author make history. She is given the help of telekinetic powers and sent to a coffee shop called The Elephant House in Edinburgh, Scotland in the year 1995 where a job-less, penny-less single mother spends her days completing a manuscript about a boy wizard.

Jessica must make sure the manuscript reaches the right publishing house…but more importantly she must sabotage copies of the manuscript assuring they are rejected until reaching the "right" agent. First, Jessica spends weeks observing the woman in the coffee shop as she writes. Later, once the author has sent out the manuscripts, Jessica travels about London destroying the manuscripts so that they don't get chosen by the wrong agent. Fate is complicated business.

But other dark forces are at work against Jessica and against fate…including a charming literary agent named Matthew Bryce Hudson who seems interested in the manuscript. Jessica’s task gets sidelines when a curious girl named Eloise Allister begs for her help because she is convinced that her brother has been eaten by a mummy at the famous British Museum.

Can Jessica get the manuscript to the right agent in time…or will someone else get it first and destroy the author’s fate?

As the author explains, her book fuses a dark narrative with genuinely helpful inspiration and life lessons.

“This is a fantasy-driven, playful, and at times very dark, look at the makings of destiny. While the book is very dark and supernatural, it offers a glimpse of hope to anybody who has struggled with getting their ‘big break’ or anybody who is struggling with constant failure in spite of their dreams,” says Marks.

Continuing, “Rowling has described herself as being at ‘rock bottom’ when writing the Potter series. This novella emphasizes the idea of fate working for you, even when things look to be as their darkest. The premise is that so many times in life things don't work out your way because something better is in the works.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews. For example, one reader said, “5/5 stars for an original plot, unforgettable characters, and an ending sure to amaze readers.”

Another reader, Chris, was equally as impressed. He added, “This one, had me hooked just after reading the prologue. It made me want to turn more pages and then those pages made me want to turn even more pages. It's mainly because of the author's writing style, it's very witty, conversational and relate-able.”

Boasting an original story and plenty of nods to Rowling’s own life, readers are expected to flock in their droves for a copy of the book. Due to the increasing demand, interested readers are urged to purchase as soon as possible.
‘The Dark Flow of Jessica Bitterroot’ is available now: http://amzn.to/10lGlsi

About the Author
The idea for The Dark Flow of Jessica Bitterroot came to Camilla when her house became infested with lady bugs. The striking sight of a ruby red ladybug on her white tile bathroom floor sparked something in her mind. In the original draft of Book #1 of the Dark Flow series, Jessica has a premonition of her death when she sees a dead ladybug and she has a brain aneurism on her bathroom floor. However, the final manuscript takes a different route entirely.

Cam lives for plot twists, awkward moments turned hilarious moments, and that sparkly, magical, ice-cream-cherry-sundae feeling that awesome books give you.

Cam lives on the east coast. She has a B.A. in English from the University of Saint Joseph.