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The Lighthouse Network Providing Support to Individuals with Drug Addiction in Finding the Best Rehab Center for Treatment

The Lighthouse Network gives guidance to people facing drug addiction through its online informational resources and phone helpline service that locate the proper treatment for them.


Greenville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2021 -- Founded in 2003, the Lighthouse Network is a nonprofit ministry that operates a 24x7 helpline for people with mental health concerns. The network also offers online life growth resources for those struggling with addiction of some kind or another psychological issue. Through its helpline, the Lighthouse Network supports and guides suffering individuals to find peace, joy, and freedom. This further helps these individuals in achieving their God-given potential. The helpline has a caring, expert, and experienced staff that finds the proper treatment and treatment center a patient may require.

While talking to the media at a recent event, the spokesperson of the Lighthouse Network asserted, "We have specialized support and resources available to help with any psychological struggle, including depression, relationship stress, eating disorder, and drug and alcohol addiction. All motivated callers, irrespective of their insurance or financial struggles, can seek guidance from our care experts on the helpline. Our care guides maintain confidentiality while discussing the problem with a patient or anybody who has their loved one as a patient."

A faith-based drug rehab is an effective tool for those going through an addiction to find the strength needed to take each step towards recovery. Christian-based treatment centers for drug rehab enable every individual to look to God to help stop their drinking or use of drugs. The Lighthouse Network connects the suffering individuals to these types of treatment or rehab centers. Building a spiritual foundation can help inspire and motivate patients when they are going through tough times.

The spokesperson further stated, "Spirituality provides a positive focus and the strength needed to make it through those struggles that a person with drug addiction experiences. Thus, we have established a nationwide database of the best treatment centers, many of which specialize in Christian-based drug rehabilitation. Our staff assists the patients in finding the right Christian drug rehab program that can strengthen one's faith and give them tools to overcome addiction. In addition, many treatment centers incorporate Bible study, group therapy, prayer, and counseling with Christian therapists in their rehab programs."

The Lighthouse Network suggests such treatment facilities to patients that combine traditional addiction recovery programs with the spiritual ones for holistic healing and recovery. This type of treatment incorporates current clinical methods along with the truths of scriptures. Additionally, the Lighthouse Network puts the patients in contact with an inpatient rehab that accepts Medicaid, Medicare, self-pay, or private insurance. If they are confused about their insurance benefits, then the network experts help the patients walk through the selection and enrollment process to be sure of receiving the care they need.

About Lighthouse Network
God and the name of Jesus would be glorified as individuals psychologically and spiritually renew their minds, achieve their God-given potential, and live fully transformed lives of joy, peace, forgiveness, freedom, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. The Lighthouse Network follows this mission as it offers healing and recovery help to patients with psychological issues by recommending suitable treatment centers to them. From chronic schizophrenia treatment to drug addiction recovery, the network can manage all cases on its phone helpline.

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