Tips for Healthcare Workers to Better Manage Stress & Overwhelm

If you work in the healthcare industry it’s probably not news to you to read about the rapidly approaching tsunami of new patients heading your way.


Upper Black Eddy, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2013 -- If you work in the healthcare industry it’s probably not news to you to read about the rapidly approaching tsunami of new patients heading your way. Adding those newly insured as a result of the healthcare reform act, otherwise known as "Obama-care,” to the demands brought about by aging Baby Boomers, a group with 10,000 people turning sixty-five every day, the coming pressures on care givers who provide for those in need of health services is certainly not a surprise.

The question is not will it happen but, rather, how will you and your team manage stress, avoid burnout and continue to feel happy and fulfilled at work, despite all the chaos?

Sharing suggestions taken from his new book and seminar, Happy@Work - how to be more engaged, fulfilled, and productive in the workplace, (New World Library, 2014), Donovan advises doing one or more of the following:

1. Master communication with yourself

Learn to push your own buttons by paying close attention to your self-talk as well as what input from others you allow to enter into your consciousness. Your words have power to create or destroy, depending on your choices. Eliminate as much negativity as you can from your day-to-day experience.

2. Always focus on what’s going right

Learn to use intuitive, value finding techniques when communicating with colleagues and clients. In conversations and team meetings use empowering questions like, “Whats working?” or “What’s good about this?” These types of “open-ended” questions encourage creative solutions and, more importantly, lead to more of the same. Too many people spend all their time and energy studying the problem. A better approach is to clearly define the situation at hand, then devote all your resources toward solutions. And don’t be afraid to color outside the lines. The solution you’re seeking may require a totally different approach.

3. Take total responsibility

If you study successful people you will learn that we all have learned to take one hundred percent responsibility for everything in our life. The reason is quite simple, if I am responsible, I am then also empowered to do change it.

Give up blaming, complaining, defending, and justifying. Doing so will leave you with a reserve of mental and physical energy that you can put to better use.

4. Take care of your physical, mental and emotional health

Paying attention to your own self-care is one of the most important things you can do. Taking quiet time for prayer, meditation and contemplation is essential if you’re to be able to cope with the ever increasing pressures of daily life here in the 21st Century.

The groundbreaking work done by Dr. Herbert Benson, while a professor at Harvard in 1968, led to his best-selling book, The Relaxation Response (1975) bringing meditation into mainstream medicine as a viable, drug free alternative to reducing stress.

Nurturing yourself with massages, healing treatments, yoga and the like are also terrific ways to increase your sense of well-being and go a long way toward overall stress reduction. Yoga breathing techniques alone can improve how you feel at any time.

Dr. Andrew Weil said that if he only had half-an-hour to spend with a patient he’d spend it teaching them yoga breathing techniques.

The increased demand placed on people working in healthcare is not something we can do much to change, however, how we respond to it is well within our control. By taking charge of your life, focusing on the what’s going right, and increasing your self-care to an extreme level, you and your team will be better equipped to cope with whatever comes down the road.

Jim Donovan is a powerful thought leader who’s books and teachings have positively impacted the lives of more than a million people worldwide.

His willingness to speak openly about, what he calls his, “decade of destruction,” and share the ideas and techniques that enabled him to radically change his life, have made him a sought after speaker and trainer for business events and meetings.

Jim’s sense of humor, coupled with his unique life experiences allow him to connect with diverse groups. With more than half a million books in print and sixteen years as a speaker and coach, Jim Donovan is a recognized authority in the personal development field.

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