Top Feeding Plants with FloraFlex Products Saves Water, Time, and Money


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/15/2015 -- Innovative FloraFlex™ watering systems for top feeding plants allow growers to accurately control the amount they feed while benefiting their plants root zones with even water distribution throughout.

As long as plants are consistently fed and appear healthy, than everything is good is the approach some people take to watering plants. But there are multiple and better ways of top feeding plants.

"Top feeding also known as hand feeding is now a more scientific irrigation method. It means strategically pouring water directly onto the soil and/or media in precise amounts instead of scattering it across everywhere," said Carmen Cook, spokeswoman of FloraFlex™, a company with patent-pending products that will help us all top feed plants. "Top feeding with our products empowers you to place the exact amount of water where it is needed, and when it is needed."

This kind of irrigation system is common in greenhouses, hothouses and urban indoor grows. It gives the grower precision control of how much water gets into the soil. If the irrigation system is used along with fertilizer or nutrients than it also allows for exact amounts to be added, ultimately saving money.

"It saves a lot of energy and water. It cuts back on the amount of time you spend hand feeding as well," Mrs. Cook said. "In contrast with the typical old ways of top feeding, our products give us the control we have all consciously or subconsciously wanted when it comes to top feeding our plants. That's what top feeding plants as a FloraFlexer is all about."

"Few things in life are better than fresh picked produce from a garden," she said. "With the FloraFlex™ systems, anyone can become a master gardener and have 100 percent organic, locally sourced food right at their fingertips."

"Eliminate the need for pesticides with our strategically designed products. And there's no need for weed control because you don't have weeds," she said.

FloraFlex™ has tools suitable for a few tomato plants at home to commercial farms.

For more information visit http://www.floraflex.com/ or call 855 855-1053.

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