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TTP Financial Compensation Offers Financial Compensation Management Services for Mis-Sold Products


Hampton, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/30/2021 -- People are often deceived by others regarding the pension that they are entitled to receive. If an individual was advised to top-up their pension by paying FSAVCs (free-standing additional voluntary contributions), they were likely on the receiving end of misguided consultancy advice. Instead of paying those FSAVCs, individuals could have paid the contributions straight into their public sector pension scheme and built a substantially bigger retirement fund. For such mis-sold claims, individuals are entitled to appropriate compensation. TTP Financial Compensation is a well-renowned financial claims manager, offers financial compensation management services for mis-sold products.

The company assesses individuals' mis-sold FSAVC claims to help people gain appropriate compensation. They help people gain appropriate compensation for pension and investment-related claims if an individual thinks that their pension is not what it should be, or subsequently were misadvised or mis-sold a financial product. The company acts on its client's behalf to seek compensation if the original advice is considered unsuitable or potentially fraudulent. Individuals looking to gain appropriate compensation for mis-sold products can check out TTP Financial Compensation's website for more information.

TTP Financial Compensation is one of the most sought-after mis-sold FSAVC pension scheme claims management firms in the UK. The company has always strived to put the client first and understand the uncertainty that comes with losing retirement savings. Their highly skilled claims team assists their clients throughout the whole claims process. The organisation's claims team provides advice to prospective customers to help them make informed decisions before making a claim.

Talking about their financial compensation management services, one of the representatives from the company stated, "FSAVC schemes are similar to personal pension policies, with the main difference being they can be used by members of an occupational pension scheme to boost their pension pot. We can review the advice you received and assess the potential for an FSAVC claim. We also act on your behalf to seek compensation should we consider the original advice inappropriate. We can conduct the compensation process on a genuine and entirely transparent 'no win / no fee basis."

About TTP Financial Compensation
TTP-Financial Compensation is a financial services company and a claims management provider that has been authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. They have extensive experience, and exceptional success, with mis-sold investment and pension claims. Over the years, we've developed a stress-free claims process and we pride ourselves on guiding our clients to reclaim with as little hassle as possible. Their highly skilled claims team offers an attentive ear throughout all stages of the claims process. They can give individuals advice and guidance based on their experience in finance, banking, insurance and compliance, and have a detailed knowledge of the investment products that are typically mis-sold.

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