Two Faces for National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month - Mother with Schizophrenia & Daughter


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- Schizophrenia tore their lives apart when, as a young mother, Sakeenah developed it. But, through it all, there was love which at times was the only thing that made sense to her and her daughter Anika. Their story is a message of hope that inspires.

That story is told in a highly respected memoir called Love's All That Makes Sense: A Mother Daughter Memoir. A review on bookpleasures said "I cannot recommend this wonderful book highly enough for each and every reader who cares about a world where people love and care for one another."

Five star reviews on Amazon said:

"a wonderful book for those looking for deeper insights into how people live with and negotiate schizophrenia as patients and as family members"


"Triumph of Love and Family"

That theme was echoed by the Lakewood, OH Observer who said of the book that it shows that "Love Triumphs Over Mental Illness."

Dr Sarah Vinson, a psychiatrist in Atlanta wrote in Black Mental Health that:

"This book will provide validation and inspiration for families who face similar struggles, as well as provide mental health care providers with perspectives that can inform care."

Sakeenah and her daughter Anika are sought after speakers. Last year, they did a presentation to the Annual Conference of the Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists. They were then keynote speakers at the Pastor's Summit Multicultural Faith Based Leadership Summit on Mental Illness put on by National Alliance on Mental Illness Alabama in Montgomery, Alabama.

They also presented to the Roads To Recovery '13 Conference entitled "A Journey Beyond Medicaid" in Cleveland Ohio. The two discussed the best practices for recovery and resilience for consumers, family caregivers and providers from a consumer and family caregiver's perspective.

This year, they were the keynote speakers at the Recovery Resources Annual Meeting in Cleveland on May 1. Then, on May 2, they presented at a NAMI/Friends of the Library event in Athens, Ohio.

Today, Sakeenah is a member of the board of the Cleveland chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. She has given over 50 presentations to various groups on mental illness in her role at NAMI. Anika lives in Atlanta.

Their book, Love's All That Makes Sense, ISBN 978-1927637005, 260 pages, 19.95 is distributed by Ingram and is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble , Kindle, Kobo, Google Play and at other retailers.

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