HeartFlex, Inc.

Unique Product Performs Therapy, Speeds Healing, and Maximizes Sports Performance

HeartFlex Builds Muscles that Work, Increases Flexibility, and Boosts Circulation Utilizing Consistent Passive Resistance


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/04/2016 -- Recovering from an injury or surgery or improving sports performance is always a challenge. Fortunately, even with the ever-increasing time demands of today's hectic world, there is an affordable and "simple to use" upper body fitness tool that speeds healing, improves overall health, and builds "muscles that work".

"Multiple repetitions combined with consistent resistance across the complete range of motion performed is the time-tested way to build dense, flexible, functional muscles. This workout principal is what the most elite athletes use to optimize performance. Swimmers, gymnasts, and mixed martial artists are toned and trim – not big and bulky," shared John Corbin, inventor of the HeartFlex. "Our product is known for maximizing sports performance and I'm very passionate about letting people know that its attributes also speed healing while improving the quality of life."

One profound example of HeartFlex's impact is Andrea Bruno – the founder and president of the Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation and The Cancer Exercise Training Institute and a cancer survivor herself. As the nation's foremost authority on breast cancer fitness and breast cancer exercises, she selected the HeartFlex to assist breast cancer patients.

Proactive pre-surgical HeartFlex movements define muscles, tendons, ligaments, and lymph nodes resulting in a more thorough and complete procedure. They also improve patient morale and relieve anxiety, tension, and stress. The more fit and mentally positive a breast cancer patient is before surgery the better their odds are of becoming a successful survivor.

Each HeartFlex includes a DVD of Ms. Bruno demonstrating the HeartFlex and the video may be viewed for free on the HeartFlex Breast Cancer Page.

About HeartFlex
Whether used to improve sports performance, transforming walking into a full body exercise, wheelchair exercises, stroke recovery, or any of its many other applications – HeartFlex has a history of helping people from all walks of life – regardless of age or ability. HeartFlex is made for everyone – from PGA golfers to senior citizens to physical therapy. At the end of the day, whatever it's used for – health, fitness, improving looks, recovery from injury or surgery (or all of the above!) – HeartFlex is guaranteed to help its users achieve a fresh, new, enjoyable level in life. Because of how it functions, trainers have called it "swimming without the water." The HeartFlex handheld fitness tool is so unique it's protected by three US patents.