UnitRC Now Offers High Quality Research and Aromatic Chemicals


Victoria, Seychelles -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2013 -- UnitRC, a reputable supplier of research chemicals, now offers high-quality analyzed research and aromatic chemicals that are intended for laboratory, forensic and industrial uses. The company’s new product offerings include:

3-mmc. Also known as 3-methylmethcathinone or mephedrone, this chemical is offered in crystal form and is a synthetic drug that is related to the cathinone and amphetamine classes. In terms of its chemical structure it is similar to the cathinone compounds that can be found in the khat plant commonly located in eastern Africa. The chemical has a variety of uses in research, pharmaceutical and lab settings as well as in agriculture, industry and the medical sector.

4-mec. This chemical is also known as 4-methylethcathinone or mephedrone, and is related to the beta-ketone family. Mephedrone is similar to 3 mm in that it is also derived from the khat plant and its chemical structure is similar to amphetamines such as ephedrine and cathine.

Penta. Also known as pentedrone, this crystal is a substituted cathinone derived from the natural cathinone found in the Catha edulis plant, whose leaves have traditionally been used by indigenous peoples as a stimulant.

These materials are the base ingredients for products such as insecticides, fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals. In addition to the above, UnitRC also offers semi-processed products known as herbal aromatic blends. Their products are intended strictly for research, industrial and other purposes and are not intended for human consumption since they can be hazardous. Orders can be placed only by customers who can show proof that they are at least eighteen years old.

The chemicals are available in various quantities ranging from one gram up to one thousand, with prices listed on the UnitRC site. Payments can be made only through Western Union or bank transfers and orders are processed as soon as they are received.