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University Pain Medicine Center Speaks of Point Therapy Benefits Among Seniors


Somerset, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2016 -- The leading minimally invasive pain management and elimination providers in New Jersey, the University Pain Medicine Center, announced that they now offer top-notch trigger point injections. The practice also explained why treatments as such have been especially lauded by senior citizens and geriatric specialists.

Trigger point injections are meant to combat muscles that fail to relax. When that happens to a person, a trigger point will often arise, resulting in either direct or referred pain. Whereas direct pain affects the specific location in which the issue stems, referred pain occurs when a different part of one's body feels discomfort because of a trigger point somewhere else.

During an injection, a patient's trigger point will be supplied directly with a combination of local anesthetic and various medications via a small needle. The medication will provide long term pain relief, while the anesthetic will work temporarily.

Seniors experiencing chronic pain often benefit enormously from trigger point injections. Anyone with tension headaches, fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome will find relief from the associated pain that comes along with those, and other, conditions.

Best of all, trigger point injections act as effective supplements to overall rehabilitation regimens, and allow many geriatric patients to persevere through their programs without feeling overwhelmed by pain.

The University Pain Medicine Center offers a variety of other treatments beyond trigger point injections, to combat a plethora of conditions. The majority of their procedures are outpatient treatments that involve no recovery time, and are minimally invasive.

To learn more about the University Pain Medicine Center, please visit their website, or call 732-873-6868.

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