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Unlock Expert Promises iOS 7 and Apple 5S Unlocking Ahead of Imminent Release

Unlock Expert has been unlocking Apple devices for years, and has already run thorough tests to prepare themselves for the release of the new iPhone 5S and iOS 7.0 operating system in September.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2013 -- In September, Apple will unveil the brand new iPhone 5S, one of the most anticipated phones in years as Samsung’s S4 has since redefined the landscape to challenge the company that has for years established a virtual smartphone monopoly. The iPhone 5S will use a new version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 7, which promises to be the smoothest and most flexible yet. With such anticipation, many users want to begin making the best of these new capabilities right away, but to do so requires unlocking. has fully prepared themselves for the incoming surge by testing and proving their unlock methods work on the new phone and operating system ahead of their release.

Their ability to unlock iPhone 5S iOS 7 is not speculation, as the company have been able to source a fully functional product ahead of its highly anticipated release upon which they have carried out their tests, tweaks and development to ensure they can deliver what so many people are sure to want come day one of release.

The key to their success has been Apple’s decision to use the same basic firmware in the IMEI based chipset, which means the same processes used by Unlock Expert on previous iterations prove every bit as effective in unlocking the new device.

A spokesperson for Unlock Expert explained, “Apple always create a storm when their latest product is released, and we know that many people will be seeking an unlocking solution on day one, and few if any of our competitors will be in a position to provide that. We can guarantee that none will be as well prepared as we are, as we have extensively tested our unlocking procedures on both the new device and its software to guarantee the unlocking is successful and stable.”

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