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V1 Offers Architectural Visualisation Services for Real Estates Ranging from Luxury Residential to Large-Scale Commercial Projects


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2020 -- V1, an architectural visualisation studio based in London, offers a wide range of architectural visualisation services to architects, developers, interior designers, contractors, landscape architects, planners and other professionals in the related field. Their visualisation services include photoreal CGI, photomontage & VVM, animation, social imagery, virtual reality, film, photography, art direction and more. V1 is a large talented team of highly-skilled professionals from the fields of architecture, design and technology who are the experts in taking any idea from concept to reality. They nurture, consult, brainstorm, and explore product iterations to idealised perfection. When it comes to photoreal CGI, their artists are committed to create eye catching images that will help real estate owners sell more in less time.

Their architectural visualisation services cover everything from the more traditional lounge, kitchen and bedrooms to more adventurous options like a game room, study room, gym, club house, swimming pool and more, helping potential buyers visualise how their home will look once they've moved in. From high end interior images to picture perfect exterior visualisations, they are able to visualise any real estate project. Using a combination of techniques for colouring, lighting, texturing and compositions, V1 ensures the most realistic representation of its clients' projects.

A representative from V1 said, "Working on global real estate projects, we combine industry leading visual artistry with innovative technologies to create compelling architectural CGI, visualisation, and immersive environments. We'll partner with you to provide bespoke experiences and content for brand marketing that bring spaces and places to their fullest life."

V1 is a CGI company in London that bridges the gap between concept and reality by using a wide range of graphical rendering techniques to create photorealistic images in order to allow stakeholders to visualise properties that don't yet exist. They also craft fully immersive virtual reality worlds for prospective homeowners that further help them to visualise their new home at full scale. The company believes in establishing long-lasting business relations with its customers by delivering satisfying results at the best prices. For marketing, fundraising, or public consultation, they also offer fly through animation service designed to help real estate owners to market their projects more effectively.

About V1
Located in London with a large studio in Chester, V1 is scaled to reflect the large volume and workflow demands of their projects, ensuring a flexible and agile service. Working on global real estate projects, V1 combines industry leading visual artistry with innovative technologies to create compelling architectural CGI, visualisation and immersive environments. They use the advanced tools and employ a highly-qualified team of 3D designers, programmers, and animation experts to guarantee detailed and precise outcomes.

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