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Vamps Dance Studio Brings Pole Dancing Lessons to Austin, Texas


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2012 -- Pole dancing as a form of exercise has been growing in popularity for years. Many women across the country from all walks of life have discovered that pole dancing is a fun way to get fit and make friends. In addition to toning muscles all over the body and improving balance, learning to pole dance can give all types of women the chance to discover a special inner strength and confidence.

In Texas, the pole-dancing trend is still going strong, and there is one dance studio that is providing high-quality classes for the Austin community. The dance studio is called Vamps, and visitors to the Vamps website can check out class schedules in order to see which courses they can join right now.

The search is over for those who want to take pole-dancing classes. Austin is the perfect place to discover pole dancing.

Every type of student is welcome at Vamps, and the instructors place a premium on creating a welcoming environment. “We value time, knowledge, and the power of being open to new experiences and lessons! We strive to have our space feel comfortable, inviting, and an escape from the outside world to those entering,” assures Vamps.

In addition to learning about pole dancing classes Austin, website visitors can also read descriptions about fantasy fitness classes like aerial conditioning, floor and chair workouts and sensual stretching courses. There are classes to suit all levels of fitness and knowledge.

At Vamps it is also possible to arrange private parties and class packages, and visitors can discover the rates for these special deals on the website for pole dancing classes Austin Tx. They can also find links to online stores that enable them to purchase poles, pole-dancing apparel and subscriptions to pole-dancing magazines.

On the website blog, visitors can read about what to look for when buying poles as well as pole dancing associations around the world. They can also see exclusive photos and videos shot at the Vamps dance studio. This means that prospective students can get a sneak peek of what will be in store for them.

At Vamps, members of the Austin, Texas community are discovering a new form of fitness that is both fun and challenging.

About Vamps Pole Dancing Classes - Austin, TX
Vamps is the premiere dance studio for the Art of Pole, Aerial and Fantasy Fitness in Texas. The studio’s mission is to cultivate the potential of all individuals to love themselves and appreciate their bodies and the power they have inside and out. The staff at Vamps follows the value of quality versus quantity, which is why the studio keeps its space intimate and class sizes small.

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