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Venus Factor Reviews - Get That Gorgeous Model Like Figure with the Venus Factor


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- The benefits of maintaining a healthy body weight are numerous, not only to the quality of life, but also the quantity of life. Moderation in food habits, daily exercise and work life balance can make a huge difference in life. Staying fit allows the body functioning at a high level. Nowadays people have adapted a sedentary lifestyle which contributes a lot in weight put on. In consideration to the women needs, John Barban, who holds a bachelors degree and masters degree in human biology and nutrition from of Guelph, Ontario Canada, created a revolutionary program - The Venus Factor - in reducing the excess weight thus burning the calories naturally.

The program is talked about a lot because of its terrific response in the recent times. Shedding weight is no longer a hurdle with the implementation of this program. It natural, healthy and has no side effects. The Venus Factor diet and fitness system lasts for 12 weeks and gradually impose the good-looking shape to the body.

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There are different elements of the programs that come separately to form a capable system in diminishing the weight easily for all ages of women. The main part of the course is an eBook that briefs the whole system and each component clearly. It simplifies the whole method to the amateur in getting rid of the problem areas due to excess fat storage.

It has created a new scientific approach to solve the health related issues by highlighting the Leptin- resistance in women. Leptin is a super hormone in the body that controls the metabolism in female’s bodies to remain in shape. When dieting, the women left out some of the vital nutrients resulting into the metabolism process to slow down.

The Venus factor is a smart eating program that provides a woman’s body right nutrients and correct eating habits without starving the most craved food contributing to a healthier longer life. It prescribes an essential diet that eliminate processed and soy food and promotes great fitness levels round the clock. The Venus factor comes with an effective diet manual which comprises of a complete balanced diet and healthy eating tips.

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The program has a component called Venus Index which states the ideal weight according to the current age so that the women can be aware of how much workout they require to get into perfection. The program comes with the food centric guide that suggest the eating habits according to the Venus index by figuring out your caloric intake in proportion to the height, waist, and hip measurements.

Instead of dieting, it adjusts the eating habits and gives the freedom to enjoy the favorite foods equally. The workout plan is divided into four sets and can be performed thrice in a week. The exercises are easy to execute. The workout manual composes of a total body workout aimed at conditioning every major muscle, to tone and strengthen the important muscle groups of the body giving a body perfect figure.

The bottom line is that the Venus Factor is one program that surely works for women in achieving their fitness goal.

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Venus factor is an intuitive, affordable weight loss program which is easy to implement in home and facilitate to perform without expensive gym equipments. It is a healthy weight loss initiative combined with fitness exercise and stomach toning workout to help tighten and strengthen abdominal muscles. It takes time, so don’t be impatient. The results so far are valuable and highly promising. Over and above, the Venus Factor System comes with 30-day money back guarantee which gives purchasers time to make sure their investment is perfect.