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Hanoi City, Vietnam -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2020 -- Hong Doan Helper Co. is pleased to present a range of cleaning services where a team of professional, courteous and hardworking helpers available 24/7 throughout the year. The center has become one of the most reputed and trustworthy in the Giup viec Vietnam House Maid sector. What makes this center the most sought out is that all their helper staff pass the status and skill tests. They are honest, hardworking, courteous, knowledgeable, trained and above all polite with their clients. As a reputable and responsible maid supply center in Hanoi, the company ensures that all the staff have a clear origin with proven documents and details of relatives and family irrespective of whatever province they come from.

Hong Doan housemaid center's staffs

Choosing a Giup viec gia dinh house maid is a very detailed process here at Hong Doan. The staff is not hired permanently until they are proven to be suitable for the jobs that they are being hired for. The probation period is just 3 days and if the person is unsuitable for the job, they are immediately sent back. This process helps the center provide only the best maids and helpers to their clients' homes and offices. It also reduces and minimizes any complaints regarding the quality of work or attitude of the staff from the clients' end.

Coming to the other highlights of hiring the Giup viec theo gio house maids from Hong Doan; house maids can be dropped at the clients' residence or office in case the clients cannot arrange for a maid pickup. The "Express Training for Domestic Help" is a vocational training which is provided to each and every domestic maid in the Hong Doan Center. So, women who are first time maids or do not have any prior experience in housework can also benefit from this training. The training consists of cleaning techniques as well as behavioral aspects wherein the staff will be trained on how to behave and interact with their respective clients in a professional manner.

Hong Doan housemaid staff always work hard

Hong Doan was started Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Doan to help women who are in need for a stable job and an uninterrupted income. The center has helped many women find a better life through a genuine job and support their family's economy. The Vietnam house maids are treated with great respect here and they are not sent to any workplace against their wishes. Clients too have the liberty of choosing or changing a maid according to their requirement. These kinds of issues are very rare as the center always carefully chooses the Giup viec cham tre maids and also advices the clients to choose their maids carefully in order to avoid wastage of time, money and resources.

About Hong Doan Helper Co., Ltd
Hong Doan Helper Co., Ltd based at Hanoi, Vietnam is a professional helper services center offering a wide range of services such as housekeeping, hourly maid services, babysitting services, elderly care, office cleaning, laundry cleaning, upholstery cleaning, factory cleaning and various other domestic and commercial cleaning services.

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