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Vital Productions Artist Brandon Steele Creates Exclusive Support Line Music Tone for DDoS Defend


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2012 -- Music and beat production company Vital Productions has just announced that Las Vegas-based Music Producer and Artist Brandon Steele has been contracted by website protection technology company DDoS Defend to create an exclusive support line music tone for the company. Steele is represented by Josh Day and the two are founders of the music and beat production company.

As a business entity, music and beat production consortium Vital Productions is a fairly recent entrant to the world of commercial music production. Still, the recent announcement of Vital Productions Artist Brandon Steele’s creation of a ddos protection support line music tone for the website protection technology company DDoS Defend is just the latest accomplishment for the growing music production and booking company.

Las Vegas-based music and beat production artist Brandon Steele has been a thriving producer for nearly ten years bringing a highly evolved and cutting-edge musical style to dozens of tracks. Now, he and music producer/business manager Josh Day have joined forces to bring the talents of select emerging artists to the fore. Established in early 2012 by Brandon Steele and Josh Day, Vital Productions brings collaborative support, aid and promotion of select music and beats artists that share the same worldwide music production ambitions as its founders.

“I am very excited to represent Brandon in securing the DDoS Defend music production contract and expect this to be the first of many,” said Vital Productions Co-Owner Josh Day. “Brandon has a unique musical palette that is gaining the attention of the music industry, so as an up-and coming-artist, he has immeasurable potential.”

The music production company’s client, DDoS Defend, is a leader in service packages that protect websites from network and application-level Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Their packages work without the installation of hardware or software with simple setup that routes websites through cloud-based DDoS Defense by the adjustment of a single DNS record. Their services effectively protect reputation and brand while ensuring online accessibility and deployment of a series of robust packages or custom defense packages by their skilled DDoS Protection team.

“The DDoS Defend support line music tone fits the cutting-edge stealth technology image of the company perfectly,” said Day. “We are certain that the high profile nature of the company will bring broader interest to our roster of artists and their one-of-a-kind productions.” For more information, please visit http://vitalpro.org/

About Vital Productions
Vital Productions was created to share immense vibrations and invigorating sound with world. Established in early 2012 by Brandon Steele and Josh Day – Vital Productions hopes to bring collaborative support, aid and promotion of artists that share the same ambition. Brandon Steele is a music production artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has been producing music and beats for nearly 10 years.