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Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2024 -- The Western Outdoor Living Colorado Springs patio furniture store has a wide selection of Colorado Springs patio furniture to transform an exterior living space into a modern and functional area for relaxation or entertaining. In addition to patios and decks, patio furniture can be a stylish addition to a porch in front of the house, a balcony outside an apartment, beside a pool, inside a sunroom or conservatory, or on a rooftop. Outside of the home, Colorado outdoor furniture can also provide a relaxing rest area for employees to enjoy on a break at their business location.

Primary considerations when selecting a patio furniture set include whether the patio furniture will be outside year-round and also how much maintenance will be required to keep the tables and chairs in good condition. Some materials commonly used to manufacture patio furniture require very little ongoing maintenance. Wrought iron is a good example, requiring no more than a wipe-down with a soapy cloth if it gets dirty. Any scratches or damage to the state-of-the-art powder coat finish can be covered up with touch-up paint. It is important to do this quickly following any damage so corrosion is avoided. Western Outdoor Living, premier patio furniture experts based in Colorado Springs, sell touch-up paint to match all original manufacturer's stock that they sell. They have a section on their website to provide helpful tips on how to care for and maintain patio furniture to improve the appearance of the furniture as well as its longevity. Another tip relating to wrought iron patio furniture is to never apply wax to textured finishes, however, it is worth noting that the gloss on non-textured finishes can be maintained and showcased by applying a layer of fine automotive wax.

Other materials may require regular maintenance in order to protect their appearance and their condition. Natural stone table tops for instance are porous and it is recommended they are sealed twice a year with a stone sealer. As Colorado's climate can lead to rapid freezing and thawing during the winter months, and because the temperatures can drop well below freezing, natural stone table tops cannot remain outdoors year-round, and storing them in an outdoor area with no additional heat source, such as a garage, will not prevent potential splitting and damage to the table top as temperatures change. Without appropriate care, the patio furniture may be compromised, so an assessment should be made before purchasing to decide if there is a storage solution available for particular patio furniture items that must be brought indoors and protected from wintertime temperature fluctuations.

When planning a patio makeover, it can be useful to visit a showroom with other patio accessories displayed alongside the furniture. This helps to visualize how different colors and textures will look together, as well as relative sizes and dimensions which will occupy space in the outdoor area. The Western Outdoor Living showroom in Colorado Springs brings all elements together in one place for convenience and a superior shopping experience.

Colorado outdoor fireplaces and Fire pits in Colorado Springs add an exciting focal point to the backyard, a modern twist on the familiar campfire setting. Patio furniture is available in a variety of materials, designs, and budgets, with looks ranging from traditional to contemporary, all of the highest quality, designed to be durable and withstand the fickle Colorado climate.

To find solutions for all the patio upgrades in one place, patio furniture, fire pits, and barbecue grills can be browsed online or at the Colorado Springs showroom.

Colorado Patio furniture is showcased alongside a wide selection of built-in grills, Colorado Springs barbecue grills, and fire pits, bringing together multiple elements of the patio and patio accessories together in one place. From a wrought iron patio set of a table and chairs to the latest in Fire Magic built-in outdoor grill technology including wood chip smokers and halogen lights inside the barbecue hood, Western Outdoor Living inspires new patio projects for the Colorado family that enjoys spending time in the great outdoors.

As one of the premier providers of patio accessories and patio furniture in Colorado Springs, Western Outdoor Living has experienced staff who can help find the products best suited to each home or business. The latest and finest patio products are stocked in their extensive showroom.

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Western Outdoor Living believes in outstanding service, durability, and comfort. Colorado outdoor patio furniture is showcased alongside Colorado outdoor fireplaces, outdoor fire pits, premium built-in outdoor grills, and custom outdoor kitchens for Coloradans embracing the outdoor lifestyle. They offer a wide selection of styles in different materials so from a rustic wood patio furniture set to a sleek and colorful sling patio design, patio furniture and the perfect accompanying fine patio accessories are always in stock. The Western Outdoor Living website is also a useful resource for homeowners with a link to maintenance tips, helping keep high-quality Colorado Springs patio furniture products as impressive as the day they were bought. To find out more and explore the website, please visit: http://www.westernoutdoorlivingcolorado.com/

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