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Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Releases New Straight Line Persuasion System

Controversial entrepreneur Jordan Belfort has released a new home study course on how to make morebsales and build a fortune. Read about it at


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- The Wolf Of Wall Street paradoxically went a long way toward repairing the reputation of Jordan Belfort, as the character portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio has become something of a folk hero for the entrepreneurial set. The man himself wrote the book upon which the film was based as an autobiography, and has made millions from his story, demonstrating that with the right attitude money can be made from everything. Jordan Belfort has now released his latest home study course, Straight Line Persuasion that aims to help people engage others and close sales in record time, to make record profit.

Belfort is arguably the world’s most successful salesman, and has designed the course to reduce closing time by at least 40%, increase client referrals, raise venture capital and improve negotiating skills, creating a system by which others can create their own fortunes.

The Jordan Belfort Straight Line Persuasion System applies to every job function within every industry, and can be used as effectively by start-ups as it can by multinationals. This is because Belfort has carefully evaluated success in all its forms and reduced the strategies for achieving it to broadly applicable concepts that need only be targeted on the specific objective to yield real results.

A spokesperson for explained, “Jordan has done it again with the Straight Line Persuasion system. Including ten audio discs that people can listen to anywhere at any time, an informative 180 page action book that allows people to absorb knowledge then enact it effectively, ten DVDs featuring lectures and lessons from Jordan himself performing best-practice strategies and tactics, reinforcement flashcards to keep objectives and approaches top of mind under pressure and a one year mentorship program by Mr. Belfort himself to ensure people get all the guidance they need, this is the most comprehensive and effective success guide in the world. We believe the course will help any business person, our in-depth Straight Line Persuasion System review gives a comprehensive breakdown on the course and details exactly who would benefit form the concepts. ”

About Straight Line Persuasion System
Jordan Belfort has released his new Straight Line Persuasion System Home Study Course. The course involves extensive sales training that has made top sales people throughout the world. The course also includes personal training from Jordan Belfort himself. Since Jordan Belfort's indictment, he has been on the road of redemption and has used his charisma and business acumen to find new and innovative ways to succeed. For more information please visit: