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Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Electronic cigarette or e-cigarette has been popular to smokers nowadays. It is similar to tobacco smoking due to the electronic inhaler that helps in vaporizing a liquid solution into aerosol mist. Today, most countries are no longer treating electronic cigarettes as smoking cessation aids or just a replacement of tobacco. The similarities between e-cigarettes and conventional cigarettes can be seen in the physical design and nicotine release. Also, health organizations and researchers are still unsure about the benefits and risks of using electronic cigarettes. Because it is one of the newest inventions, only limited controlled studies are available.

Zerona is one of the most popular smoke shops that sell electronic cigarettes. This Phoenix smoke shop offers electronic cigarettes, art supplies, ego-u accessories, and vaporizers. It offers Atmos Raw Vaporizer that is made from the highest quality of medical grade stainless steel and ceramic components. This product can heat herbs evenly in a closed chamber while minimizing the aromas that are released. Another product offered by this Arizona smoke shop is the Davinci Vaporizer that comes as a latest innovation from Karma. This product is an advanced pocket-size vaporizer that can create the most efficient portable vaporizer designed. It features a small digital temperature control system which allows the user to adjust the vaporizing temperature.

Zerona Smoke Shop is also a popular Arizona head shop that offers smoking pipes and bongs which allow the customers to imbibe their favorite tobaccos and legal smoking blends. Different famous designs, brands of bongs, and affordable smoking pipe designs can be seen in this Phoenix head shop. It also offers a huge selection of metal and wooden pipes and glass pipes and bubblers.

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Zerona Smoke Shop is a business that is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It offers different products such as electronic cigarettes, essen concentrate tools, zerona tobacco, scrap city art supplies, Zerona water pipes, radio control cars, and mixtapes.

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