Joe Bragg Launches to Offer Cheapest Gas Price Finder Throughout US


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2012 -- Current gas prices are rising across America, but the extent of those price hikes has thankfully been limited by competition. Many gas providers wish to give the best deal in the hope of securing customers and many customers make sure to search for the best price before buying gas.

With this level of competition, how can consumers be sure of getting the best deal? is a newly launched website offering a service to answer this question throughout America.

The website has two key features that make it a game-changer for consumers. It allows users to compare gas prices in every state, rating them by proximity to the user, price, and supply of ethanol, traditional gas, diesel and other fuels.

It also allows users to find their nearest gas station, breaking the choices down by state, county and popular cities, and even includes information on deals such as supermarket discounts on gas for those who may be travelling through the state, county or city for the first time.

The site also offers a range of high quality editorialized content helping to inform the debate on fuel price and fuel choice, including blog posts on alternative fuel options such as a bio-ethanol and hydrogen, and practical tips for making existing fuels go further with posts on increasing miles per gallon. The site also features video content from around the web relevant to users’ needs.

The home page offers an easy to navigate menu listing the gas station directory, gas price listings by city, fuel saving tips, 24 hour convenience stores with gas, and information on current gas and diesel prices.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “Local gas prices are by nature competitive, but consumers can increase the level of competition by voting with their wallets. That’s how capitalism is traditionally meant to protect consumers from exploitation, and our website is a comprehensive directory with all the information to empower consumers to that end. We have a dedication to regularly updating our website with the latest information so users will always be able to visit us and make informed choices about where they spend their money locally, as well as providing useful advice on refueling for longer cross-state and interstate trips.”

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