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ReleaseWire Security Policy

ReleaseWire is committed to providing our clients with the best services possible.  In an effort to provide better protection to our clients in regards to false-content press releases, we have adopted the following additional security measures.

All Accounts Will Be Email Verified

Clients will not be able to submit a press release unless their email account has been verified by our automatic verification system.  The email address used for your account will not be shared with 3rd parties and will not be included in your press releases by default.

From time-to-time, ReleaseWire will send an additional verification email to your account’s primary email address to verify that the email address is still active. If ReleaseWire determines the email address to be no longer valid, your account will be temporarily deactivated until you updated your email address.

All Press Releases Must Include an Email Contact Address

Each press release must have an email address listed for the press release contact person or department related to the subject of the press release. This email address may be the client’s main account email address or it may be a separate email address assigned per press release.

The Press Release Contact Person Email Address Must Be Verifiable

In order to provide the highest level of security to our clients and to develop a level of trust with journalist, editors, bloggers and the public, we ask that the email address listed for the press release contact person or department by verifiable.

A free email service provider such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail may not serve the listed email address.

The email address domain must be linked to the subject of the press release. The best option is for the email address domain to match the web site domain listed in your press release. We also allow for different domain names in cases where the company or organization uses multiple domain names or the press release is submitted by a trusted third party such as a public relations agency, web designer or SEO service provider.

The listed email address will be included in press releases ReleaseWire delivers directly to members of the media but will not be listed on our web site.

A Verification Email Will Be Sent To the Press Release Contact Person or Department Prior To Distribution

A verification email will be sent to the listed press release contact person or department email address for each press release submitted prior to the press release being listed on ReleaseWire’s site or distributed to members of the media. This step is an important tool to help prevent identity spoofing.

If we receive a reply from the listed press release contact person or department’s email address stating that they did not authorize or approve of the press release being listed or distributed by ReleaseWire, ReleaseWire will immediately remove the press release from our site and contact the submitter using their primary account email address asking for clarification.

ReleaseWire will work with the account holder to verify their ability to authorize the press release. If we are able to establish the account holder’s ability to authorize the press of the press release, we will once again add the press release to our site.

The staff of ReleaseWire would like to thank you for helping us to provide a secure and effective press release listing and distribution service. If you have any questions about this policy or our services in general please contact us.

Security Policy updated on: September 22, 2010