Adenovirus Diagnostic Market Research Report by Key Players Analysis 2019

Posted: Wednesday, December 27, 2017 at 11:18 AM CST

Albany, NY -- (SBWire) -- 12/27/2017 --Adenoviruses are major causes of febrile illness among children. They can infect the membranes of respiratory tract, intestines, eyes and urinary tract causing pharyngitis, pneumonia and gastroenteritis, bronchiolitis, hemorrhagic cystitis and conjunctivitis. There are 57 types of adenoviruses known to infect human beings, classified into seven categories from A to G on the basis of genome size and composition. Human Adenovirus A, B and C cause respiratory infection while HAdV B & D cause conjunctivitis. Children are more susceptible to adenovirus infections than adults and aging population. Late winter, early summer and spring are the most common time for this infection to occur. Adenoviruses are one of the major causes of respiratory infections among children and cause of diarrhea. As these infections are not specific, so they cannot be diagnosed on the basis of clinical symptoms only. A number of diagnostic methods used to confirm the presence of adenovirus infection include viral culture, polymerase chain reaction assays and antigen based assays. Others emerging technologies such as monoclonal antibodies, liposomes, flow cytometry, chromatography and gel microdroplets are of vital use in diagnosis of adenovirus infection.

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The diagnostic tests for adenovirus infections are generally conducted at hospitals, private diagnostic laboratories, small clinics and public health laboratories. A study conducted by Barcelona Center for International Health Research and University of Bacelona on children suffering from pneumonia suggests that adenovirus is the second most respiratory virus causing pneumonia. Although the market for adenovirus diagnostics is considered to be mature, it may grow in emerging markets where a large number of children infected with adenovirus are under served. Geographically, North America represents the largest market as hospitals and private diagnostics laboratories in United States and Canada offer a broad portfolio of tests to determine the presence of adenovirus and due to reimbursement policy covering adenovirus diagnostics.

Some of the key players operating in this market are Affymetrix, Becton Dickinson, Roche, Bio-Rad, Gen-Probe, Novartis AG, Qiagen, Diasorin, Abbott and bioMerieux.

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