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SEO Web Design Company Selected: Providing Marketing and Web Design Services for Northern Virginia Company

LogoSEO and web design company RevBuilders Marketing is excited to announce their recent agreement with All Star Sports. The contract includes redesigning their current website along with SEO research and optimization for their website.

1st Human Trafficking Symposium Held in Woodland Park, Colorado

LogoMountain View United Methodist Church has announced the 1st Human Trafficking Symposium, which will be held Saturday August 9, in Woodland Park, Colorado.

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Delighting Children of All Ages "The Tales of the Kingdom" Trilogy Gets a Facelift via Kickstarter

LogoResponsible for delighting a generation of readers with character-driven allegories, co-authors David and Karen Mains have launched a successful crowdfunding campaign for their “Tales of the Kingdom” trilogy. Endeavoring to enliven a new generation with timeless narratives, the campaign supports a new life for the book series in print and digital formats. A life that incorporates newly drawn character illustrations that embody these inspiring stories and celebrate cultural diversity.

Melbourne Florida Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer Responds to New Car Safety Laws

LogoRecently, Governor Scott signed two different laws into effect for the state of Florida, which are important for vehicle drivers. Each has relevance to automobiles specifically, although one applies across the board to any type of vehicle on the road. Sinclair Law has a vested interest in spreading knowledge of these new laws, as they impact current and potential clients in their personal injury suits.

NYU Film Student and Indie Film Director Endeavors to Raise $16,800 in 16 Days to Give Her Dying Mom Her Dream of a Lifetime

LogoNYU film student and Los Angeles indie film director Heather Ferreira, has launched a Kickstarter program to help raise $16,800 in 16 days. Why? To give her dying mother Carolyn McCoy a gift. Though dying of breast cancer McCoy remains an avid fan of the hit 1970’s TV detective series Columbo. To honor her mother’s love of the show, Ferreira is directing the pilot for a new web series inspired by Columbo. It’s a final gift for her mother but now, both women are running out of time.

Small Start Investing Gives Investors High Returns While Looking out for the Little Guy

LogoIn an economy halted by the banking system’s red tape Small Start Investing shines a light on investing, micro capitalization style. Acting as a bridge between investors and entrepreneurs, the no fuss online platform is the place to show off and find short-term investment opportunities. Opportunities with a great potential for ROI. Fueling ambition, SmallStartInvesting.com is described as a “virtual ecosystem of funders and creators” who are poised to “bring entrepreneurial visions to life”.
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