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DUI Charges Do Not Always Involve Alcohol

LogoIn typical circumstances, receiving a driving under the influence (DUI) charge means alcohol was detected in a driver’s system. However, drivers may be surprised to learn that a DUI arrest doesn’t necessarily always involve alcohol consumption.

Experience the XT3XL THERAPY-IV Super Tower

LogoFor those planning on going deep sea fishing during the summer, the THERAPY-IV deep sea fishing fleet welcomes anglers to ride the 2020 XT3XL THERAPY-IV Super Tower.

Restore Healthy Gums with the LANAP Protocol

LogoA compromised immune system can significantly increase the chances of becoming infected with COVID-19. People with cardiovascular disease also have an increased risk and gum disease can exacerbate these risks. Treating gum disease will help strengthen the immune system and LANAP may help.

Champion Racing Oil and Sam Hafertepe Jr. Win ASCS Feature at I-30 Speedway

LogoChampion Racing Oil, a recognized leader in racing lubricants, congratulates Sam Hafertepe Jr. from Sunnyvale, Texas, for his A-Feature win at the American Sprint Car Series (ASCS) feature at I-30 Speedway.

Wake Up Gently with the Hästens Eala

LogoIf a person were to utter the words "E Ala ?" to another,they would likely be telling someone to wake up in Hawaiian, in a gentle manner. Upon feeling the warmth of a Hästens Eala, the Swedish manufacturer's decision to name the bed such makes complete sense. Wake up beautifully refreshed as if being awoken from a gentle, restful slumber while residing on a tropical island.

Carosella & Associates Help Their Clients Navigate Divorce when There Is Domestic Violence Involved

LogoThe attorneys at West Chester law firm Carosella & Associates understand that issues surrounding divorce can be contentious, especially when domestic violence is involved. They guide clients through every aspect of the process while taking all necessary steps to protect clients' rights and safety. When a Protection from Abuse Order (PFA) is essential to safeguard clients and/or their children, Carosella & Associates lawyers assist them with filing for such orders and advise them on how to proceed should an alleged abuser violate the PFA.
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