Empowr Foresee a Future Where Everything Is Fast and Free

Posted: Tuesday, November 07, 2017 at 9:36 AM CST

White Plains, NY -- (SBWire) -- 11/07/2017 --Ever wondered about a future where everything is fast and free? If yes, then Empowr - the world's first democratic social platform is beginning to make this possible. Over the years, people have been made to believe that the price of any product or service is determined by the economic theory of demand and supply. This simply means that as demand for a product with limited supply increases then the price is sure to go up. This theory, however, is no longer convincing if we take into account what is happening with a growing portion of our economy. There is a need for a new theory - The Labor Theory of Value. The theory suggests that the price of a product or service is ultimately determined by the cost of all the labor that went into producing it.

Take into consideration, a cotton shirt handmade by a lady in a factory in Bangladesh. The final price of the handmade shirt will take into account not just the price the factory paid for the cotton or the labor cost of the lady that weaved the shirt but also the labor cost of transporting the shirt to the US, the marketing folks, the store general manager and the retail clerk that works the cash register, among others. According to the theory, by adding up all of this, we will arrive at approximately what the market can bear to pay for the shirt. In essence, to get a competitive lower price all that is needed to be done is figure out how to provide the same product or service using less labor.

Having understood clearly, The Labor Theory of Value, it is also necessary to understand that we are in a technology-driven world and machines are gradually replacing human labor. Karl Marx, a German economist whose theories formed the basis of Marxism and communism had also envisaged a future economy in which the main role of machines is to produce, and the main role of people is to supervise the machines. He rightly predicted, "People will keep improving the machines. The machines will keep getting better and better. People will learn the latest information and knowledge about the machine and its latest improvements ...and will use that knowledge to produce even better machines ...which will take more and more work away from humans."

Empowr has combined Karl Marx predictions with the Labor Theory of Value. And are of the opinion that as machines keep getting better, the result will be that less and less human labor will be required in the production of everything. It is therefore clear that as the human labor portion of everything continues on its way to a zero percentage, then the price of everything is headed to zero. Empowr sees a future where everything will become free or nearly free.

"In the future, everything we want or need will be in our hands very quickly for virtually free. We're talking about abundance for humanity."

Empowr seeks to bring the future closer to its members with the new Empowr marketplace. There are a lot of products listed by Empowr members for sale on the Empowr marketplace. Rather than have these products sold and taken out of the marketplace forever, Empowr seeks a marketplace where members can 'share' and 'use' rather than buy and sell. With this new development, Empowr members with products they seldom use can share with other members who are in need of these products at a minute fraction of the rate it would cost to buy these products.

"Imagine if Empowr reveals a sorted daily list of the things that people have been searching for – things they want to use, but are not currently available. The people looking to earn by "Sharing" would be able to earn more, by quickly offering those products – perhaps at premium prices given the lack of competition. It's easy to see how, within just a few months, just about everything you want or need, might be available to you to use." says an Empowr representative.

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