JLC International Lists the Three Strongest Flow Meters for a Variety of Industries

Posted: Wednesday, March 07, 2018 at 7:00 AM CST

New Britain, PA -- (SBWire) -- 03/07/2018 --Based in New Britain, Pennsylvania, JLC International is a globally-leading distributor of instrumentation used to measure and control relative humidity, liquid and gas flow, dewpoint temperature, air velocity, and carbon dioxide. The company offers a range of flow meters, including ultrasonic flow meters, designed to accurately determine and record flow rates for a variety of industries.

Three of the most powerful flow meters currently offered by JLC International include: The series 300 Beverage Turbine Flow Meter, Series 800 Low Cost Liquid Turbine Flow Meter, and the Series 900/1000 Low Cost Liquid Turbine Flow Meter.

The Series 300 Beverage Turbine Flow Meter is designed for the accurate dispensing of food-based liquids, including beer, wine, spirits, and ultra-pure water. The Series 300 is manufactured using polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and an additional combination of thermoplastic material. This particular flow meter can withstand up to 212°F and maintain a pressure rating of 145 psi for optimal functionality and durability.

Second on the list from JLC International is the Series 800 Low Cost Liquid Turbine Flow Meter, which is manufactured using non-metallic wetted material, and is perfect for metering more aggressive chemical solutions. This meter is designed using polypropylene for maximum effectiveness with high-pH applications. Like the Series 300, the Series 800 flow meter is made to withstand wear and tear for long-term usage.

Lastly, the Series 900/1000 Low Cost Liquid Turbine Flow Meter is made from either 100% PVDF or a combination of PVDF and stainless steel. This powerful flow meter is ideal for metering chemicals without corrosion or degradation. The 900 and 1000 series allow up to 15 and 30 liters per minute respectively, giving them the ability to handle high-flow substances ranging from aggressive chemicals to ultra-pure water.

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About JLC International
JLC International is a company that supplies and distributes measurement instruments. The business was established back in the mid-1990s by two individuals who have vast experience in the engineering and sales of measurement tools. They provide their products to industrial markets that use the devices to measure various liquids and gases. Their products are European imports that are manufactured with quality materials, making them durable and long lasting.

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