Leading Electric Cigarette Reviews Provider Clarifies How Safe Are ECigs, Offers Discount Coupons

Posted: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 11:15 AM CDT

San Francisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 07/30/2013 --Despite the increasing popularity of electric cigarettes, there is still a cloud of doubts on the health issues concerning their consumption. A recent publication on has addressed these issues and has clarified on what medical professionals are saying about electric cigarettes.

Primarily an electric cigarette reviews provider, the website run by Steve Miller a daily consumer of E-Cigs for over 3 years also contains informative and insightful articles related to the latest invention that has baffled the tobacco industry. The latest health article outlines what medical professionals exactly know about E-Cigs and also what the assumptions are regarding their long term consumption as research is still actively being performed. Numerous statements by prestigious doctors are given in the article to explain how they are different than normal tar based cigarettes and could even be better. For example, one of the statements by Michael Siegal, a tobacco researcher at Boston University is “Tobacco contains 5,000 known chemicals, E-cigarettes eliminate many of those ingredients”. The full article sharing similar statements and insightful information that is not readily available anywhere else can be viewed on the website.

The e cigarette reviews have been highly praised by many of the visitors of the site and viewers of the popular YouTube videos by Steve Miller. Steve Miller has also given his ratings for each electric cigarette provider and maintains a Top 5 Best E Cig list which is updated regularly based on any product changes or any new promising entrants to the E Cig industry. The video reviews by Steve Miller has also helped many interested individuals select a suitable E Cig without wasting any money on trying different brands, which Steve Miller has stated as doing when he first switched from normal cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

The website is always on top of latest deals and even offers exclusive discounts on best e cigarettes. A discount of 10% is the norm and in case there are special deals substantial savings are possible. The comprehensive reviews also suggest which type of package is the best to purchase for all new users of E Cigs.

About is one of the leading websites that provides electric cigarette reviews and numerous articles on E-Cigs. The website is founded by Steve Miller, who has been a consumer of electronic cigarettes for many years and has tried nearly every popular E-Cig brand available in the industry. Through the online platform,, the reviews and ratings of various electric cigarettes can be viewed. The site is known for offering straightforward honest advice and even providing exclusive discounts.

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